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my first post Moochies death


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Hi all I am a new member to this forum, and really I suppose plastic kits, I only started again Christmas after a break of nearly 40 years. I was 10 or so when I built my last plastic kit.

So enough waffaling. After completing AMT's Plymouth Fury Christine (bit peeved there its just a reboxed Belvedere had to remove the Belvedere badging) I thought why not do a diorama of Moochies death scene, then I thought no wait a min why not do the filming of Moochies death scene. and with that thought I began. So here is my progress so far.


I tried to get a 1\24-25 model of a dozer but they are about 100 quid and I aint paying that plus postage so I thought I would see if I could get away with a 1\16 but no it looked stupid so i cut it down to 1\25




had to scratch build the panaflex 35mm camera



decided the Tarmac looked quite empty so decided to add a Tea trailer and car towing it for the crew on the shoot





So that is where I am now still 2 more cameras to build all the lighting rigs the generator got to think of a logo for the Tea trailer, got to be American (being British thats a bit hard)and i want to incorporate my initials KP into it, loads more to do trouble is I keep thinking of more.Oh and of course when I pluck up the courage I have got to crush Christine into the loading bay.

So what do you think.

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Thanks Chuck the first one does not export to the uk and anyway it took me ages to rescale the dozer that I used so will probably keep that one.

Thanks for taking the trouble to look for me very kind.

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hi all I think I have finished the generator





all I have to do now is put some plugin points on it which I will do when I know how many things I will need to plugin

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You can't get inspiration without it can you? It's one of the inspirational tools at my disposal along with whiskey, gin and vodka, of course you have to be careful not to get too much inspiration as that can lead to some very strange models.

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Hi all my new leds have turned up. it always tickles me how big the box is they come in
but this time they came with a high quality brochure here are an assortment of pics from said brochure
all very nice so when I want my 30 million pound yachts lighting upgraded I know where to go.
Anyway thats not why I posted this is my simple but not particularly elegant method for lighting the super troupers
take one led
bend thus
make a plasticard tube the size of your chosen batteries. inset 2 batteries place bent led over the plastic tube and onto batteries
insert piece of plastic between the negative pole
light goes out. remove plastic card
light comes on.
now all I have to do is figure out how to get that inside the super troupers, the batteries and led slip in nicely, its figuring out the switch.
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WOW! Great work! You are an inspiration.

I have one question and you may think it's a silly one, but.... could you explain to us Americans, just how much money is a quid?

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Ok guys I had got bored of this and was going to put it on the back burner but due to the plane I decided to build to get my mojo back, here I am again (I have decided I dont like planes) so here is what i am up to now
I have painted the logo on one side of the trailer, which at first I thought looked rubbish but then I thought, I don't know a new business, couldn't afford a proper paint job so maybe did it themselves, anyway what it is, is what you got.
then I thought about finshing the lighting I have 2 of these doing the third as we speak, one will be shorter just to add variety.
so thats where i am now.
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Hi all tonight's installment thought i ought to do some work on the director and his stuff and finish the lights. here is where I am at now.
Here is the little guy I am going to use as Mr John Carpenter.
with a little persuasion I got him to sit.
So now of course he needs a seat.
and here he is with the finished lights
so thats tonights installment.
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Lights Camera action
I have got to say I am quite chuffed with John Carpenter
I dont know if he has one now but the photo I have with him on the set of Christine he is sporting a moustache so I have given my little man one, he dosn't look much like John, I mean john is much slimmer than mine and he is only wearing a jumper on the pic I have, but he could have been wearing a jacket earlier so not too worried about that.
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Well I've started building the other 2 cameras this time they are not Panavision they are Cisca they are being built as a pair but I am giving one a different lens, also one will be on a tripod and the other will be on a dolly.
little bit more detail to put on them then build the tripod and the dolly, then the camera men\women the rest of the crew a boom mike I just suddenly thought of (i wonder if that could\would be mounted on the dolly with the camera) some kit boxes, film reels, all the cables then the dreaded crushing christine into the loading bay.
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Hi folks and tonights update is,
got to try and figure out how to attatch the seat to the dolly for the camera man/woman to operate the camera and then figure out how to attatch the boom mike to the camera then some wheels for the dolly. We really are on the home run now.
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