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  1. Your redlines are perfect for your build. Did they come with the kit? Nice work!!
  2. The stance is perfect, paint is awesome !!!! I have always liked the Pegasus wheels. It would be nice if we had more choices for aftermarket wheels.
  3. I found this kit at the local hobby shop. The box was battered, beat up, open, and the decals where moldy. The price, $14.95 tax included. Something just screamed cool! This is what I came up with. I call it my ugly duckling. Please comment....good or bad.
  4. Great work, that it beautiful. That kinda work gives us hacks something to work towards.
  5. wow you got skills, that looks amazing. How did you tuck those wheels up in there ????
  6. Looking forward to seeing it finished, looking good
  7. Thanks everyone, I really appreciate the feed back
  8. now that is sweet. Nice work. Love the wheels, I like how you reworked the pegasus rims
  9. This was a fun kit, Revell 1970 Firebird. It is done in Duplicolor Chev Orange, BMF and has 20 inch BBS wheels. Please be sure to comment
  10. Finally someone hot rodded an Edsel, can I get a Amen
  11. 69 442 resto mod.

  12. I wish you guys would make mistakes, hard to tell if its a real model.....
  13. Nice, I have a 69 442 that is almost done. Hope it looks as good.
  14. its the color on this one, nice
  15. Holy BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH!!!!!Your paint is brighter than my head..... Nice
  16. if you are having a hard time loading your pictures, open a free account at sites like photobucket, etc... and copy the link from there. You cannot load images from your computer. I found out this way too. At least these guys are funny.
  17. if that was your worst kit, can't wait to see your best. I think it looks great. I would be happy to argue with you !!
  18. The stance is perfect, did you modify it. And your kit has brake rotors, I don't think that came with the kit. Beautiful Job!!!
  19. Wow, I build models. You build show pieces !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. Plesae tell me the wheels are stock, those are absolutely awesome. I have passed over that kit too many times, now I am kick'n myself
  21. Ummm Errr, can I come over ??????
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