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  1. You did that with a snap kit. That is impressive.....you got skills
  2. Luv'n the wheels. Great kit !!!!!!
  3. can't get any closer to perfect than that, nice job!!!!
  4. Beautiful color. The red color, do you remember the brand??? or was that big can of tamiya in the background my clue?????
  5. Rattle can or Airbrush????They look sweet.....
  6. Ok that rocks the "oldschool" look. That colour looks great. Where did the wheels come from ?
  7. Can't wait till its done, are the wheels 19's or 23's, I am on the fence with the sidepipes. Sidepipe are cool "oldschool"
  8. Low riders are not my thing, but its hard to deny talent. Nice work !!!!!
  9. I so want to see all my high school friends in a cloud of smoke coming out of the side door....What a great model, thanks for the memories
  10. the details make this model stand out. Nice job, lov'n the wash, doors and battery are awesome
  11. that is a clean build. Ride height is nice. Is it lowered or is it stock height ?
  12. Red and black always look slick on a hot rod, nice job. I been lookin at this kit for a while. Was it a easy build, or an "old mold"
  13. your foil work is perfect, any suggestions????????
  14. distributor is on the other side of the country, will keep searching. I got no choice with the weather.......keep the models coming. looking forward to the next one. Thanks for your views, I appreciated them.
  15. 1970 Firebird Pro Touring Hmmmmm

  16. 1970 Firbird Pro Touring Hmmmmmm

  17. Sucks to in Canada for this stuff. Have you ever used Createx Wicked Colors
  18. More pictures please, that truck looks good. what are the wheels from
  19. where do you buy your House of color paint, on line or in store ...and would you recommend it
  20. The red one rocks, its the lowered stance on those "old school" wheels, nice job !!!!!
  21. I didn't like the wheels in this kit, but what you did with the black wash, make them look a million times better. Nice job !!!!!
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