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  1. Dude!!!!You got skills. I feel like Jeff Spicoli (without hair)
  2. I first saw the color, as said "what the xxxxx!!!!!!" but the more I look at it the more I like it.....
  3. Wow that brings back memories. I wrecked a version of that car back in 1984
  4. Didn't you here your phone ringing. It was Chysler, they need you to design there products.........
  5. Car looks great, great paint and colour choice. Your wheel choice is perfect
  6. A happy life is a "xxxx" wife, you fill in the blanks, can't wait to see the car
  7. Diggin out of our snow storm. Took a break to post another. This my spin on the Revell 41 Chevy.
  8. That was helpfull, I read the reviews on Don's Airbush Reviews. and was satisfied that my Badger 350 was not junk. But clearly a starter model.
  9. I am green with envy, yours turned out great. Cant wait to start mine, going pro tour. I will post if it turns out as nice as yours
  10. Don't worry Donn if I can do it, you can do it. Its like plumbing, use plumbers tape around the threads and screw it together. Be sure its tight, but not overtightened. Turn it on and look for leaks. Use soapy water, it will bubble where the leaks are. Hope it helps. My moto is "how hard could it be ?????" "if I break it????? so be it"
  11. Thanks I will do that, I appreciate any advise give. If anyone wants to come over. I buying beer Sorry given
  12. Nice looking El Camino Chris! The Hella wheels look real nice on it! If you want a little bigger tire for the rear, find a set of the old Good Year Eagle Gatorbacks that came in a lot of Revell kits in the '90s- "00s. They fit the Pegasus wheels perfect after you trim out the center ring. Looking at your El Camino is making me want to build mine! Nice work! Thanks thats a great idea. I always wanted the bigger ones in the rear but, 23's would fit (without surgery) Thanks to everyone for the kind words
  13. That looks as good, if not better than any kit I am build after 30 years of building. Great Job !!!!!
  14. The straight six was part of the kit. The only thing I added was the resin wheels from ebay
  15. Your paint is flawless, the flames are subtle, and wheels are perfect. I enjoyed assembling that kit, you build it....
  16. I was so impressed with all the other kits I saw in this forum, I thought, I would try my version.. not too happy with the angle of the cab, in comparison with the bed. But it still looks cool. These old kits are still fun!!!!
  17. Wow, I justed posted mine. Yours rocks, I love the look. Excellent job. I am not so happy with mine now....
  18. This was an amt kit I found online. Threw some pegasus holi's at it, that I had laying around. Hope you enjoy it. Looking forward to comments
  19. This kit I really enjoyed, I almost fell together....hope you guys like this one
  20. This was my first attempt at wiring an engine. Please forgive the wiring order and placement of the coil. This ones got a few flaws, but I think it looks cool. I look forward to your comments
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