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  1. Wow nice job. I almost thought I could take a swim in that roof, that is some nice paint.
  2. Keep those pictures coming. lovin the look
  3. Do you guys even have rat rods in the U.K. and how would they run with Lucas electronics. Just kiddin. Beautiful work. Sorry for the loss of Margret
  4. It is old, it is green, it is a truck, but you forgot to mention "frick'n nice"
  5. Beautiful collection. You are very skilled my friend.
  6. great kit, I loved mine, be sure to check it out. I like your colour choice
  7. The orange one is my pick, Build it, and I will drool
  8. Subtle change on the bedside side step, but major improvement on the overall look. Nice touch!
  9. It nice to see a fellow truck lovin Canadian. Nice build, your colour choice is perfect. Short beds rule. Lindsey Chev Olds, is that near Ponty Pool?
  10. I will be honest, I hate the look of this kit (Box Art). But your take is making it cool look'n.
  11. I love this truck kit, your paint is awesome, I like the anodized valve covers on the engine. Where did the wheels come from (the set in the mock up photo)
  12. More, More, More......please !!!
  13. I am sore and green with envy. How about I just send parts to paint and design, you send em back. This way I can build cool kits too. Your like the Chip Foose of model building. Always amazing.
  14. great job, I remembered that kit as a kid. It aged better than I did
  15. Great clean build, you have outdone yourself !!!
  16. very cool, your paint work is always outstanding
  17. 71 Duster, which way to go with it

  18. The more you look at it, the more you appreciate the detail. What kit was this ???
  19. That turned out nice, where did the wheels come from ?
  20. Your right it is an old MPC kit Thanks to everyone for the comments
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