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  1. Looking good ! What did you use for the textured paint ?
  2. Thanks for the kind words guys. The vette was kind of an experiment for me. I dont typically do custom cars but really enjoyed it.
  3. The battery cables were from detail master. The stripes are decals under the clear.
  4. These are the 4 that I completed last year. I hope that I will finish as many this year.
  5. It would be really cool if they made some modern 911s. Such as 997, 991 or 992 styles with engine detail.
  6. I meant as you said in the first paragraph. Studio 27 makes some great stuff. I wonder if Tamiya will make their own for this kit.
  7. Can't wait to get mine. Is anyone offering a carbon fiber decal set for this yet ?
  8. Has anyone here used this ? Im looking for advice before purchasing. Thanks https://tcpglobal.com/products/hok_kit-kbc08-4z?gclid=CjwKCAiAz4b_BRBbEiwA5XlVVqx7Bq1NsIcqdqkKzrXBpe7AO9uyWO7eIx2w1O5QfdRgY2IdDrp_RxoC7cEQAvD_BwE
  9. What grit did you finish the glass in before dunking it in the future floor gloss ?
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