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  1. I had several kits and projects going a few months ago, then took a leave of absence to remodel my house. I never liked the yellow wheels or the graphics on this model, so my first mods were to change that. I removed all of the graphics and painted the wheels black. I'll make new water slide decals for the finished wrecker. I saw another wrecker on eBay pretty cheap, and a 1:24 resin dump body and thought it would be cool to make a 1953 dump truck.

    Last night I got the first wrecker disassembled, and that was no easy task! Getting this all put back together will be a challenge to say the least.

    Black wheels.jpg


  2. Hey Tom. I'd love to see your built up convertible. One of my grade school friend's dad owned the Buick dealership and lived in our neighborhood. When I was in high school, my mom got an '65 Electra 225 with the Wildcat engine. Black on black and pretty fast for such a huge car. My regular car was her hand-me-down '63 Dodge wagon, but she'd let me take the Buick on some dates.

    In the mid 70s I was playing with 4 piece band that traveled to gigs every weekend. We had an early 70s Electra for us, and sent the equipment and roadies on ahead in our truck. Man, that was a smooth riding car. My grand parents always had Buicks so I've been a fan since an early age.

    73 electra.jpg

  3. Thanks for the photos, Doug. Nice 1:1 you've got there. I appreciate your input.

    I wondered why I was having a hard time finding photos of a '66 NASCAR Monterey!  I found lots of photos of Cyclones, but no Montereys. I recently built a '66 NASCAR Ford Galaxy kit and found lots of photos, so what happened? I really don't know my NASCAR history that well.

    Buy the time I get the decals, weathering, and dents and sideswipes on it, I doubt anyone but a true Merc aficionado would notice the missing bump. I've already primed it and can still see some scratches around where I cut out the deck lid and scored the doors. I just ain't as good as I was in my younger, model building days. I've got intentions of doing some NASCAR and other racing/junkyard dioramas, so that's probably where this one will end up. http://www.shamblesmodels.com/dioramas.html

    I look forward to seeing your completed model, so be sure and let me know when you put it on here.

    Thanks again,




    66 Galaxie.jpg

  4. 1 hour ago, my66s55 said:

    It appears, from what I can see, that you removed the lower body side bump  and didn't replace it. I have done the Park Lane conversion to the Monteray  for the replication of my full size  Merc S55 convertible in my garage. I used a small piece of polystyrene.



    Thanks, I hadn't noticed that. Since it's going to be a stock car, probably with some dents and scrapes, I'll probably just forego the side bump. I'd love to see some photos of your 1:1.

  5. I've had my model building on hold for a couple of months while doing some REmodeling on the house. I'm putting the finishing touches on my new model room, and pulled a few kits out that I'd started. . I had already cut out the deck lid, ground off the side molding, putty and sanded This week, I fabricated the deck lid hinge and put on the first two coats of Tamiya pink primer today. I'm waiting on some styrene tubing to attach the deck lid to the hinge. I'm doing this one as a NASCAR stock car, but didn't know if I should post it on the NASCAR forum since it's still "on the bench". I haven't decided for sure on a color, but will reference some old photos and decide later.


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