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  1. Thanks folks, yes it was a trial, but I have another (British - Yayyyy) supercar on the shelf now, so I'm glad I persevered.

    Next will be a 2011 911 GT3R, then either a 360 Modena, or a BRZ. Best from NZ.




  2. RoG's McLaren 570S all done, finished in Tamiya TS21 Gold, with Semi Gloss Black and Alclad Dark Aluminium details. Interior is my own 'cream' and 'light black' acrylic mixes. The CF decals are from Ka Models of Korea (highly recommended). Not a great kit and fought me all the way to the very end - the final assembly is a proper PitA. I knew to attach the dash onto the lip BEFORE adding the interior because I'd read and seen so many build reviews. Even so, the final fit is truly dreadful...

    All that said, like the Ferrari 458, the finished car is truly a thing of beauty to my eye. Please feel free to make any comments or ask any questions (yes I know the exhausts aren't on yet).





















    Best from NZ.


  3. 3 hours ago, Bill Eh? said:

    Jaw-dropping fantastic. Orange/pearl/clear gives a wonderful illusion of a fade paint job on the hood. Kit rims or other?

    Everything except the CF roof panel is from the box, Bill, wheels & tyres too.

    Thanks folks glad you like it.





  4. For 'Mein Frau', who loves orange cars and was brought-up close to Stuttgart:

    Tamiya Orange with 'a few drops of' Tamiya 'Flesh, followed by a single coat of 'Pearl Clear' and two coats of TS13 'Clear', all cut & polished with Tamiya compounds. Thanks for taking the time to look, as ever all questions, comments and abuse welcomed.

    Cheers from NZ




    done a1.jpg

    done a2.jpg

    done b1.jpg

    done b2.jpg

    done c1.jpg

    done c2.jpg

    done d1.jpg

    done d2.jpg

    done e.jpg

  5. Not usually my thing to 'Pimp' a street car, but just couldn't help m'self...





















    Aoshima kit, not a straightforward build but pretty good. Tamiya TS44 Light Gunmetal overall, A Pillars, skirts & air dams all Tamiya enamel (standard) Gunmetal. Decals plucked from an unsuspecting Revell Mitsubishi Eclipse. Wheels are after-market Aoshima's - Rays 19" GT-C's. 


    As ever thanks for taking the time to look,  all comments, abuse and questions are welcome. Next, something very, very small.





  6. Thanks all, appreciate t he comments:

    So the F40, is obviously the Tamiya kit with kit decals. Great build but I was warned about the struggle to get the rear clamshell to sit neatly after the engine is fitted... yeah, it doesn't !

    The 458 is NOT the fujimi kit, it's the RoG kit and at 16 Euros (US = $18.00) from a toy shop in Southern Germany last year - that's a h*ll of a value for money kit. Colour is Tamiya's new'ish TS95 'Pure Metallic Red' over black, which gives it that gorgeous burgundy tone.

    And the Nissan, is the great little Aoshima kit, with Tamiya Purple, Pearl Clear and (clear) Clear. The flecks of metal really pop under the New Zealand sunshine, but actually are so miniscule, that you have to hold the model an inch from your nose to see them !!



    More soon.


  7. 5 hours ago, 89AKurt said:

    ... drive up to a gas station.  Thought there was a joke here. :P

    These look really nice.  The F40, that box stock, or you convert into a race car?  The mesh looks good.

    Tamiya kit, straight from the box, Kurt.





  8. Next on the bench - a pair of 'Prancing Horses':




    Fujimi's 246 'Dino' - my first 'enthusiast series' kit with a parts count of 237 according to the box-lid. Building this simply because it was the first Ferrari I ever saw in the flesh, it was pale yellow, driving through Southport sometime on a Saturday afternoon, in the early 1970's... and nobody in school would believe me when I told them on the Monday. The 458 is the RoG kit and is a much easier build !






    For both cars I used the same process: Mold seams rubbed-out then 'scuffed' the body-shell(s) with Tamiya 600 grit sanding pad, then primed with Tamiya grey straight from the rattle-can. Next I polished that back with 2000 grit wet'n dry and a little water. The Dino was shot with (again) Tamiya TS51 'Racing Blue', the 458 with TS14 black followed by (new) TS95 Pure Metallic Red, which to my eye is almost exactly the same tonally as Mica Red.  I applied three lightish coats to get the depth I wanted.

    I gave them both 48 hours after applying the paint then used CRC 'Paint Doctor' which is NOT a polish but a chip & scuff creme you can buy here at 'Supercheap Autos' - a sort-of Halfords / NAPA Autoparts equivalent.  I'm very happy with the results and the finish on both of these could well be the best I've yet achieved. Next I'll focus on the Dino and assemble the engine & transmission (no small task) and hopefully get some pics up before next weekend.

    Thanks for taking the time to look and / or comment and please feel free to ask any questions.




  9. Mentioned after the Kodiak Lumina, that my next car build would definitely not be any sort of race-car, so keeping my word here's Tamiya's gorgeous little 1966 1300 Beetle wearing Tamiya Mica Red & Light Gunmetal (TS-42). Decals are from the RoG Beetle and are superb.









    As ever please feel free to make any comments, hurl any abuse or ask a question. Next build will have wheels, but will also fly, so probably won't be seen here at MCM. Until next time...


  10. Really trying to build some of the less well known rides - years ago I did a virtually unknown DJ Busch Lumina (Shoe World) and got another DJ ride to build that seems to have been forgotten. Maybe do that one next. In the meantime there's a VERY not NASCAR build wandering around my bench just now that you'll see in a few weeks.




    paint 6.jpg

  11. My second Ken Schraeder build - this time the 1990 Lumina wearing Fred Cady decals. Far from my best and not visible in the photos thankfully - somehow I forgot to park the shell under my usual ice cream carton 'drying bay' as the Johnsons Klear / Future was going-off, so the d*mn thing does have a lot of dust particles and it bugs the h*ll out of me.



















    Thanks for taking the time to look and / or comment, please feel free to hurl any abuse, ask any questions or offer any comments. Already got the next non-NASCAR build on the bench stand by for that very soon.





  12. By no means one of my better builds. TBH after three superb Tamiya kits on the run this Fujimi kit was always going to present less 'builder appeal'. Don't get me wrong the 'car' is nice I really like it, the kit isn't and those terrible 13" wheels look like castors on an oversized couch !! - No matter he she is in glorious Tamiya TS-22 'Light Green'. 










    Please feel free to make any comment, ask a question or hurl abuse. Back to the NASCAR Lumina build now.



  13. Thanks guys, really appreciate the kind comments and never take them for granted. Have to admit being on a bit of a 911 kick just now. Alongside this GT2, there's a GT1 that you may recall from last year, plus hitting the bench later this year: A Fujimi GT3 and a new RoG 934, and to round-out the team, a Tamiya '88 Turbo road car.


    Hey, would be cool if we could start a 911 gallery somewhere here at MCM. - unless there already is one (?).. what do you guys think ?




    finished b2.jpg

  14. Yep. another completed, but to be fair it was started long before the 350Z that I posted here a couple of weeks ago. So straight to the point, this is another Tamiya kit, and it is as ever superbly engineered, and fits just about perfectly. The BIG thing for this project however was the excellent Tamiya plastic - this is the 'Taisan' boxing and it's molded entirely in glossy black !! - so I'll let y'all guess how many primer coats it took before applying the glossy white top coats. Decals are by Scale Design, no I've not heard of them either but they're the best part of twenty years old and behaved flawlessly.














    As ever thanks for taking the time to look and / or comment, please ask any question or hurl any criticism. Not sure what's next, will see what calls to me from the stash when I go in to the cave next week.



  15. 21 hours ago, jchrisf said:

    what did you paint it with Ian?

    Tamiya 'Pure White' (TS-26) and 'Italian Red' (TS ?)...


    The Klear / Future is hardening now, ready for polishing-out tomorrow. If I have time, hopefully I can do the final assembly & reveal, but I'm not rushing at it at this late stage. Already looking through the stash for my next victim !! - Could be a NASCAR as I haven't done one for a few months.






  16. Thanks all, really appreciate the comments. No work on the Porsche today - day (and night) job getting in the way - Tomorrow will be easier so I hope to 'Klear' (US = Future) all the transparencies and the bodyshell. No access to Zero or Gravity paints in New Zealand so we make do with good ol' Johnsons !




  17. Thanks for the input everyone - The kit has been with me since November, but you may remember I stole the decals from it for my Supra 'What If' build over the Christmas holiday.   Moving-on, I started the decalling this afternoon, using a Scale Designs (Silver) sheet - never heard of them before, but I tell you the decals are absolutely top-shelf notwithstanding they're twenty years old.  Stay tuned, more pics when the 'stickers' are all done.




    e 1.jpg

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