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  1. All done:







    Couple of photos of the completed chassis before I popped the wheels on - first time using a model-specific 'detail-up' set and it makes a H*LL of a difference. Very, very impressed.
    * * *



















    Completed build as it was about an hour ago but forgot to touch-up the black trim around the windows before I got the camera out !! - all done now  Already started the next build, you can find it in the WiP section a little later this evening, my time.




  2. 4 hours ago, Ace-Garageguy said:

    Beautiful job.

    What technique did you use to enhance the panel lines? They're just right, and really help make the model look real


    Pretty easy, Bill - I borrowed Tom Rujter's idea of deepening the panel lines with a scriber tool but then I added a thinned 'panel wash' - you can use Tamiya pre-mixed panel line accenter or simply mix your own with thinned (Paynes Grey) oil paint. I use both methods - try it on an old 'test bed' before you commit to next build tho' !!



    Thanks for the great feedback folks.



  3. Tamiya kit straight from the box. Fell together with very little input from me, Decals were a revelation, was expecting all sorts of problems and some considerable swearing but they went-on without a hitch. Please feel free to make any criticism, comment or ask any questions.


    block done 2a.jpg

    block done 3.jpg

    finished a.jpg

    finished b2.jpg

    finished b3.jpg

    finished c1.jpg

    finished c2.jpg

    finished d.jpg

    finished e.jpg

  4. Thanks folks, really appreciate the comments. At the moment I'm focusing on the 911 GT1 and AK's '92 Season T'bird, than I'll have a wee break and go build an aircraft or two just to keep the 'creative stuff' (we'll call it Modelling Mojo, eh ?) fresh. Have to say the mid-nineties/early 2000's kits really do  fall together with the minimum of fuss - definitely more to come.



  5. Didn't realise I'd not posted completed pics... so here they are !

    Great Powerslide decals really made all the difference on this one, absolutely superb to work with. Easily my best NASCAR build to date. Thanks for all the encouragement along the way, folks. Lookout for a 'Beer Car' posting in just a few minutes.



    finished 1.jpg

    finished 2.jpg

    finished 3.jpg

    finished 4.jpg

  6. Finally got around to applying a couple of coats of Tamiya white on the body...







    As usual instead of drying full glossy white, it's dried somewhere between gloss and satin - no matter I've rubbed it back with a 3200 Micro polishing sheet so it's smooth like a mirror now and ready for decalling at the weekend. Hey remember all that beautiful detail on the block and transmission...




    This is all you can see now !! - more after next weekend - we have a show here and I'm taking the Porsche with me to do a decalling presentation.





  7. After I posted the photos yesterday, I went back in to the 'cave' in the evening and shot a couple of quick coats of Tamiya glossy black on the lower sides of the body. This morning I brushed on two coats of Klear/Future to seal it and about two hours later masked it all off using photos of all the 1999 #33's as reference.

    Then took a deep breath and fired a couple of light(ish) coats of Tamiya TS-21 'Gold'. Personally I'm overjoyed with the result but would appreciate your input, guys.



    7 paint done.jpg

    8 paint done.jpg

    9 paint done.jpg

    10 paint done.jpg


  8. Hello from Middle Earth

    Current NASCAR project, a slab-side M/C driven by one of the 'unsung heroes', Mr. Ken Schraeder:  Not too difficult to tell which one from the last couple of pics, and I'm sure somebody will guess it pretty quickly. As it sits just now, it's got the best ride-height I've ever achieved and the plastic is glass smooth. Even after the Plastikote dark grey primer the finish is still like the surface of the mirror on the Hubble Telescope !!

    Stay tuned, more soon.



    1 rolling 1.jpg

    2 rolling 2.jpg

    3 rolling & body.jpg

    4 ride height.jpg

    5 primer & white 1.jpg

    6 primer & white 2.jpg

  9. That's going to look nice.  I have just started the Tamiya LaFerrari kit for one of my sons.  He wants it to be a light blue, so I'm painting the outside light blue and the interior medium blue.

    Ha !!, sounds like our kids have very similar tastes !



  10. Cheers mate, I used Zero Paints Ferrari Abu Dhabi Blu

    Zero Paints, here in NZ !! - where you gettum ?? - can't find an outlet here and BNA in Oz suggested I try back home (UK) !!




    I built the Revell kit last year, just a quick basic build, from memory it went together pretty well.


    Looks very good, Ashley, which paint did you use for yours, Tamiya ??



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