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  1. Thanx guys! The comments are most welcomed. When it came to building this car I noticed a bunch of people building them "Stock" like they were ready for service. I didn't want to follow the crowd so I did it like I would have done a 1:1. Glad ya like, and thanx again for the comments.
  2. Thanx for the comments guys. Yeah now that Revell/Monogram has brought out the "Notchback" Monte the AeroCoupe is quickly becomin' like the 1:1. Rare and hard to find. I had a lot of fun rebuilding this car and it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. I have plently of other "Yard Sale" or "Flea Market" find builds planned in the future, so keep a look out for them. Thanx again.
  3. Thanx for the comments guys. If I didn't live clear across the country right now I would go attend the NNL. I'd have to spruce up the ole girl for the shindig too. I had a ton of fun building this one off custom and I have plenty of more to come in the future. Again Thanx guys.
  4. Ok, now that I have your attention and scratching your head. You're right, Dodge didn't produce such a vehicle after 1987/8. The Dodge Rampage was originally a FWD car based truck off the Omni O24/Charger (Shelby)/Horizon O24/Turismo 2 Dr Hatchback Platform to compete up against the likes of VW with their Rabbit Truck. Well I wanted to bring this truck into the next century. I am basing this one off the 300C/Charger/Magnum Platform and mostly the Magnum Wagon Car. So far I have chopped off the roof, reconstructed a new top and rear glass using bits from the original Magnum Roof (removing th
  5. Well this is something you don't find everyday. I got this car, a resin hearse, and a casket off Ebay many years back. Well I'm not that big a fan of Ghostbusters, but have owned 2 1:1 Hearses in my life. So what do you do with a retired hearse that's been retired again? I turned mine into a Spookster! I lowered the car down 3 scale inches, threw on some 18's from the Black Force Slammer Kit, Opened the rear door for the casket, and handmade a vinyl top. Painted the interior Blood Red and the exterior Satin Black. Enjoy! More Pics here: http://s21.photobucket.com/albu
  6. This car started life as a Yard Sale find for $.50 cents. The paint was Cheap Spray Bomb Paint and it etched the plastic and glass. So I bought it and put it away for a later project. Well I was rummaging at a Flea Market and ran across a guy selling model parts minus bodies (used them for slot cars) so I bought the entire lot. Once was a Monte Carlo, had everything except the Body. Well I dug it out, found a resin hood I had ordered some time ago, and got out the parts box and set to work. The paint is Copper Orange MetalSpeck by DupliColor with 4 coats of clear. Interior is done in Semi,
  7. This was one of the first builds I looked at when I joined here. All I can say is I'm absolutely BLOWN AWAY by the work put into this ride. Great job! This is a Best In Show and Best All Around Winner to me! Hope the best for you at NNL!! Keep those absolutely Gorgous Builds comin' through.
  8. I first off want to say Hello People! I'm new here at MCM and have seen a ton of great works here. Figured I'd join in on the fun. Name is Jason, currently residing in Kansas City, MO and I'm 33 yrs old. Well this car is a spin off of a 1:1 Concept Car I saw online. I like the style of the Mercury Cougar and when I saw it in convertible form I knew I had to build it. It took me 2 yrs of long hard work to graft parts from a 1992 Mustang to the Cougar and make it all blend together. It has a custom Scratchbuilt Front Bumper, Solder Exhaust Tips, Mustang Interior Tub Rear Half and Front Seats,
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