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  1. Hmm, I seemed to have been HiJacked by the topic of when the first Four Door Truck became available.
  2. Lookin' good! This is gonna be one sharp Rod when you get done! The vette influence is workin' well with it. I can't wait to see more on this build.
  3. Lookin' good! I like the stance of this truck and the detailing on the engine is incredible! Keep at it. You're doin' an awesome job!
  4. Interesting Project! I'm watchin' that's for sure. Give those Lincolns and Caddys a run for their money! LoL
  5. Those builds of Stan's are breath taking and I'm glad I got to see them here. The attention to detail is mind boggling. I'm honoured to be in this "community build/contest." The 1972 Cheyenne Dual Cab is a bit out of my comfort zone but there is a specific reason I wanted to do it. When I first saw the illustration in a Magazine many years ago I told myself "I'm gonna build that one day!" I've seen Jairus' illustrations in many magazines and I've been awestruck by his work, I'm a natural artist myself but NOWHERE near as good as him, but it's people like him that make me strive to do better an
  6. Stunning 'tang! The colour and blackouts work well together. Rims are a nice touch too. Keep up the outstanding builds! You know these cars too well.
  7. Thanx Dan but I have to use the stock grill. I have 2 of those "Billet" Custom Grills in my parts box now. I'm not too impressed with them either as they hold the "traditional" AMT quality of "Lack of Detail." Thanx for the offer tho.
  8. Ok, I have a bit of small news. It's still in the works, but here's where I am right now. I HATE the grill on this truck. It jus' nags at me due to the lack of detail it has and the "Chrome Eyeballs." So I did a bit of mods to it and the "Eggcrate Section" is still under construction. Sorry this is going so slow but with the moving coming up around the corner everything is kind of a back burner ordeal. Enjoy this li'l tidbit. More to come soon as possible.
  9. Wow! You are doin' this Camaro justice! I like how you opened the grill. The stance is spot on! Keep up the great work and I can't wait to see more! Once you get the hang of it and start doing it more it becomes addictive (bad habit if you will).
  10. Man for bein' a one armed bandit (for the moment) I applaud you! You are doin' an outstanding job on this build! I'm a 1.5 handed (not literally, but disability wise ) builder myself, isn't this FUN!! I can't wait to see more when it's possible on this build. Keep us posted! I'm waiting patiently to see more.
  11. I have to say I really like the way you are doing this car! I've been wanting one or more of these kits for various ideas! I like how you "reworked" the headlights, much cleaner and more appeal, the hood truely needed work, you knocked that out of the ball park for sure! This is jus' turning into an all out "Van-tastic" vehicle!! Keep up the great work!
  12. I'm still fussin' with the fit of the rear doors to the front ones. I'm jus' about there and fixin' to start making the styrene headliner "ring" as one of the 5 support structures for this build. The bed fell apart and I had to reglue everything ( Old glue didn't hold, bought new glue and it's permenantly in place ). Still gotta do the "rocker panel" connecting styrene strips and start working on filling in the gap between the two roof sections. Today is my birthday and I'm taking a break as I gotta meet my agent (bought a house), go get the roommate from work, and pick up my kitten this af
  13. I know she's glowin' with pride having 2 new cars!! Great job on replicating her car! Keep up the great work. Great photography too!
  14. Gorgous paintjob and gorgous car!! You did an outstanding job on this Snapper! Keep 'em comin'! You do such esquisite work and the photography is top notch!
  15. G1Grim13, If you can track down an Ecto 1 Ghostbusters car (Ebay is a good source and sometimes Hobby Shops) it's not real hard to convert it to a Hearse, only hiccup is they are curbside only. If you want to go differently (like I plan in the future) get a 59 Caddy Convertible or Hardtop and do some hackin' here and there to combine the two frames and make it a full detail. Hope this helps. Thanx for the comments everyone! Yeah this is the car "Death" himself would deliver you to the Underworld, Flames and ALL!!
  16. Still doing a bit of tweaking on the doors as the "gap" between cabs wasn't acceptable to my taste. I got a problem solver and so far it looks like all is a go! So I'll be doin' a ton more work today. So glad to see so much enthusiasm over this challenge myself. A bunch of great modellers here and I enjoy reading and commenting on everyone's work. Keep up the great work guys! Let's see more of the "Progress shots!"
  17. OOOOH Boy! A perfect day for a cruz in a nice looong Caddy Convertible! Great work! I love the colour combo as it's truely different. Keep up the stunning work!
  18. Um, I'm speechless! This is jus' gorgous to a "T"! The execution of blending parts, scratch building, and jus' over all work to get it all right!! I jus' can say WOWZERS!!!!!!!!!!!! Got my vote for the most realistic lookin' model! Two Thumbs WAAAAY UP!
  19. WOWZERS!! Man that is slick!!! You did an awesome job on this. Makes me feel like a rooky with my first kit again. LmAo Great work and excellent attention to detail. The colour is so gorgous! Great work! Two Thumbs Up!!!
  20. Tumbler75

    P/T Criuser

    Practice makes perfect. If you zoom in a tad using the camera on a tripod (Dollar Store has them for a buck + tax, Wal Marts got them cheap too), use the macro, and the timer function you should get much clearer results. I know this from experience as you are learning yourself. Otherwise! I like how you did this PT Cruiser. The colours are a perfect match and the overall build is stunning. Great job!!
  21. That's a lot of detail for such a tiny vehicle! You pulled it off shockingly well! Keep up the great work! TWO THUMBS UP!
  22. I'm not that big a fan of the Jada Plastic Kits. So I'm using this one as an experiment of sorts to really stir up a hornet's nest. But either way when it's done it will hopefully be past a 10 on the cool factor. These are jus' teaser shots for now as I've not gotten too far into it. Hehe So let your imaginations run wild and see if you see what I do. This is a backburner kit as I'm still working on the JWAC 72 Chevy. Enjoy!
  23. Wow! Reminds me of the "2004 Mustang Mule" that Ford put a V10 Truck motor turned supercar engine in. I can't wait to see how you get this to work in this body style Mustang. Keep up the great work! I think that colour is going to look awesome. Keep us posted!
  24. Awesome lookin' car!! I like the look of the interior. Great ext and int colour scheme. That engine is going to really move this beauty along! I can't wait to see more of this creation! Keep us posted!
  25. Thanx guys for the encouragement! I am havin' a blast!! Thanx Jairus! Now comes the fun part, bodywork!! LoL Engine choice?? I believe I'm going to try and squeeze an elephant in a bug type trick here. See if I can put a Corvette Z06 engine w/ a TH400 Tranny behind it. Again thanx for the encouragement.
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