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  1. Stunning, jus' stunning! I'd be proud to own something like this in 1:1. The vehicle in tow is a nice touch too. Great work on everything. * two thumbs up *
  2. Tumbler75

    1977 RoadRunner

    Your pictures are improving 10 times fold. Your "Road Runner" Volare is well executed and the paint scheme is a dead ringer for Mopars. I myself bein' a Mopar Nut. I never owned a Volare based Road Runner but did own a rarer beast that I wish came in kit. Below is a pic of something CLOSE but not exact. Great job! You are well on your way to greatness.
  3. Stunning! The attention to detail is mind blowing. Seeing this makes me wanna see if I can go find that 1:1 I found a year ago one county over from me. Great work and keep 'em wonderful rarities comin'!
  4. Thanx for the compliments guys. Charlie my take on the 1:1 1990 Mercury Cougar Convertible "Show Car" is at the following link: http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=18453 -- Again Thanx!
  5. That's slick! Gotta luv them old Ramchargers! Use to see them all the time down by the River here in Memphis. The memories. Thanx and Great Job!! It's PERFECT!
  6. Time to pop the tops out and go for a Sunset Cruise down by the river. Have fun!!
  7. I'll jus' crawl back in my casket and go home. LoL
  8. Stunning car! I luv the colour and all the sparkly chrome. Great work!!
  9. Thanx for the compliments. It is ashame Ford didn't build them because it sure would have given Chrysler's Le Baron 'vert a run for it's money! I think this shot says it's best!!!
  10. Truely Unique! Great save! I like it both before and after. The Pie Crust Wheels and Period Correct Rims make it a true looker. Great Job!
  11. This car looks awesome!! And here I thought GM was the only ones who mismatched colours interior/exterior wise. I had a 1982 Chevy Celebrity that was Tan w/ Blue interior and a 1985 Euro that was Black w/ Blue Interior. Keep up the great work!
  12. Thanx for the comments. The interior floor, parcel shelf, and door panel accents are done with a Doll House Carpet and it works great! It's thin enough to conform anyway you need it to and adhesive backed for self sticking. It's also very low pile so it looks realistic for auto carpet. A friend of mine from England sent me a few pieces in several colours and I'm lookin' here in the states for more and more colours.
  13. Looks like some of the cars here where I live. Great work on the "dirtiness" of this build! Keep up the great work!
  14. Great save!! I really like how brought this life with the extra attention to detail. Excellent.
  15. Dave, The running joke with my 78 Monza S was we called it a Chuit (Shoo-It) Monzega cause everyone didn't know what it was from a distance. Ch & T from Chevy, ui from Buick and the rest is self explanitory. I might get the chance to own another Monzega. Friends found one locally and I'm gonna get pics and see if it's for sale. Woo Hoo!
  16. I luvs these shots of the Two Cougars! Really enhances the mods.
  17. Here's another one I thought I posted but again, Dain bramage at it's best! I built this one back in 2005/06 as a test bed for the 1992 Cougar XR-7S Concept Cabrio and 2 other Cougars I built for friends. I built this one to see what my 1:1 1992 Cougar XR-7 Caliente Editon would look like in Jade Green instead of black. The vinyl top and interior are painted in "Biscuit" Vinyl/Plastic Interior Paint and the body is DupliColor FoMoCo Jade Green. The "5.0L" V8 is wired and picked out here and there to replicate my car better. I added "valve stems" to the Rims from the now Defunct Comp. Satco.
  18. OK, You can blame MidKnight05/Rick for the creation of this car! HE DARED ME! I built it a bit ago (a couple of years) and seemed to have missed putting it here. The name in the title I couldn't help myself! It's a DieCast Ex NYPD Squad Car turned Modern Day "K"ustom (sorry! ) I painted the flame colours masked and sprayed with Anodized Blue over MetalSpeck Silver to give it a 50's/60's "K"ustom look then polished to perfection after 6 coats of clear. Tires are from another DieCast (Copperhead) and I lowered the front down 1.5 scale inches for a nice rake. Enjoy!
  19. The li'l 1978 Chevy Monza S Hatch I had was a cool car. It was Dark Blue w/ Biscuit (Medium Brown) interior. It was cooler after the li'l 4 Pooper went south and we threw in a 231 Buick V6. Slide in like butter on a biscuit! Jimmy I think you "scored" perfectly and I for one can back this up as a MONZA from owning a 1:1 for, ... O'... 5.5 yrs or so. Tryin' to find another one now is like finding a needle in a hay loft. Same goes for the Pontiac Astre Cousin of the Vega.
  20. Thanx for the compliments! Time for Spring Cleaning and what a way to do it!
  21. Thanx for the compliments guys. YJ, You don't get the "CONCEPT" of this build. I built it as IF FOMOCO would have built it as a Concept Car. The 1992 Cougar kit does come with the "5.0" V8 (I've built 4(!) of these) but I thought it'd be neat to see something different under the hood. Kinda like a "Shock Factor" type thing. I'm planning a "Super Cat" Version for the future since there is more great FoMoCo Engine Choices in Kit form now. Enjoy!
  22. Cintegra was a name we came up with for the car. Like his Civic was called "Blue Devil." It gives them a bit more character. The "Lexus IS300" Taillights in the trunk is a popular "Tuner" Mod people are doing to their cars. I thought it would be neat to try and replicate them. The "Body" Taillights are still Civic "Custom/Tuner" taillights jus' missing the "Trunk" part from the kit. I also relocated the license plate to the Civic's Rear Bumper from the trunk lid. The IS Taillights in the Trunk Lid I made from Ford Focus SVT Fog/Driving Lights. Thanx for the compliments.
  23. Nothin' like a big ole Boulavard Cruiser on a Saturday night.
  24. Well I thought I posted these here but I guess my marbles fell outta the bag again. I built these in rememberance of a friend of mine who owned a 1996 Honda Civic Hatchback but conspired with me to build a one off Tuner 1997 Civic Coupe. Taking a li'l of this and that I was able to replicate his Hatch and build our "Mystery" Tuner we had in our heads. Ashame the Coupe never made it to life/light. Enjoy! 1996 Honda Civic DX Hatchback aka Blue Devil More Pics here: http://s21.photobucket.com/albums/b278/Tumbler75/Completed%20Model%20Cars/1996%20Civic%20Hatch/ 1997 Honda Civi
  25. With it comin' up spring time I figured I'd blow the dust off this ole post. Weather's nice and time for some hair blownin' fun! Enjoy!
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