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  1. Jimmy you nailed this "Monza S" perfectly! I'm a former 1976 & 77 Pontiac Astre Wagons, 1978 Chevy Monza S Hatch, 1977 Chevy Vega Hatch, and 1980 Buick Skyhawk Hatch (GM Cousin to the Monza) owner. I noticed the differences immediately when I saw it. Jus' wish I had pics of mine. Days WAY before Digital Cameras. Keep up the great building skillz! I like it!
  2. You are doin' these Mopars extreme justice! I can't wait to see the upcomin' updates in the future! Mopars Rule! All others Drool!! LoL I drive a Mopar daily. It's a Dodge Grand Caravan but it's Mopar Magnum 3.3L Powered!
  3. V these are stunning. Simply stunning. They belong in a museum for modern art and masterpieces. I'm sure Giger would be proud of these great works of automodelling art. Keep up the great work. Your work is inspiring to try new things as many other members here are too. Thanx! I'm honoured to be a member of a forum with such great masters as yourself and others.
  4. Mr. Bill, I'm truely sorry about KitKat. I've got three cats here. My Russian Blue/Siamese Mix is 14 yrs, my Polydactol Red Tabby is 9 yrs, and our newest rescue, an American Shorthair Blonde Tabby/Siamese Mix, is 9.5 to 10 months. I know what you are going through. I've lost a couple in years past. Hope the new Kitten will weave a special Merlin style spell over your hurting heart. Virg, Sorry about your American Staffordshire as well. They might be pets, but they are our family, model muses, and sometimes li'l helpers. Great WIP Tutorial style thread. I'm an old pro at this but as they sa
  5. Thanx, I was so lookin' forward to learning something new.
  6. Thanx everyone for the compliments on this build. Yeah Rick, How can you not be a Camaro guy. Oh! Nevermind you drive a FORD Pushtang. LmAo I had fun with this build and I'm soon to start another build and try and get that stalled project off the ground. Again thanx to everyone for the compliments. It keeps the creative juices flowing.
  7. Sorry for the long absence. A big move home (the south), health concerns, etc. have prevented much building. So I decided this was the perfect one to get me back in the swing of things. I started with a Built Up 79 Camaro from a friend of mine. Aquired another kit from a yard sale along with a few other oddballs, and then the fun began! All new glass, new front bucket seats, painted GM Gunmetal Grey, interior in Satin Scarlet Red, and a 455 Rocket from a 69 Olds. Custom Exhaust tied into the "molded in" Exhaust and tubing to resemble Zoomie Tips. Wheels and Tires from another Revell Kit (I
  8. Absolutely stunning! The perfect inspiration for me to finish my 79 G-Machine Camaro. Keep up the great building skills! That paint looks flawless and excellent choice of green too.
  9. The more I look at the pictures of this wonderful car, the more details I notice. There is always something new for my eyes to catch on this exquisite build. I have to say after seeing this car, as well as the Corvette, I'm in total awe of your skills. Great work and a totally awesome winner in my book! Xtremely well done!
  10. I think the BMF adds jus' the right touch to break up the colour and gives it something to tie the wheels in with. Great work! I love the concept and look of this unique truck!
  11. Xcellent Xecution! The graphics pop and make it very unique! Great job and welcome!
  12. Thanx everyone. I appreciate all the compliments. It gives me ideas for other possible future projects. I had searched hi and lo to see if anyone else had attempted this. I'm honoured to share it with you guys.
  13. Here is my version of what a new Dodge Rampage/Scamp would like if it was produced now. I started with a Dodge Magnum and hacked into it like a child into a chocolate cake! I painted it 2007 Dodge Viper Intense Blue Pearl, custom mixed by a friend of mine, interior is satin black and dark grey and modified to fit the new cabin. Engine is a simple 6.1L Hemi painted Hemi Orange. Wheels are painted Satin Black for a Concept and Mean look. Hope you enjoy! Now I'd like to see VW try and compete with this li'l 1/2 ton Hemi Powered Street Mauler. LoL All Pics Here: http://s21.phot
  14. Thanx to those who have commented. I should have this one wrapped up soon as the body and everything else is painted. They jus' need a li'l bit of dry time and then on to final assembly. Here's Jus' a Teaser of the body colour. Enjoy!
  15. Thanx man for the advice. I thought they had a rubber filler. Next B Body I build I'll take your advice on the headlights. I think the next one I build will be a Impala to Caprice - Ex Police Car conversion. Thanx for the comments.
  16. Oh Man! That is stunning and even made the rear where it opens??? Tooo coooool!! Great work and I would take it to shows jus' to see the reaction of some of them purist! Keep'em comin'!
  17. Finally! A first for 2009 for me! This one is the Revell/Monogram 1994 Chevy Impala SS I call Champala. I wanted a car that had the look of someone with a Champagne Taste but on a nice subtle beer budget. The car is painted Cayenne Red Exterior and Ghost/Medium Grey Tu-Tone Interior w/ black accents. Wheels are modded, li'l touches here and there, along with lowering the car a scale 2 inches to an Impala's correct ride height. Enjoy! More pictures here: http://s21.photobucket.com/albums/b278/Tumbler75/Completed%20Model%20Cars/1994%20Impala%20SS/
  18. UPDATE: 2009/March 7th Well I figured I'd bring everyone up to speed on this one. I have made the jambs, glued the "tub" together, made the rear trunk "lip," filled in the cowl, and made some other alterations. Thanx for lookin'! Enjoy!
  19. I've heard horror stories and success stories about this kit. I'm gonna take this kit, tear it apart basically and then put it right back together. I'm building this car for a Club Build and have to have it done by July 2009. So you ready for a roller coaster ride? First up: I took the kit out of the looked everything over and planned out a plan of action. Made notes, citations, and figured out where enhancements needed to be made. Second up: I found some wheels I think will suit this build, BUT this could change at anytime durin' the build process. Third Up: I decided no
  20. Thanx guys for the replies and comments. I've been slowly chuggin' away at this thing hoping that eventually it'll be ready enough to lay down the last bit of primer before throwin' on some colour. Working on a few small tidbits before I am satisfied and ready to paint it. Have a colour in mind I think will really shine on this Concept.
  21. The T-Bird is a back burner project as I might have to get another Cougar and Mustang to build a T-Bird Convertible to go along with this car. As far as calling myself, "The Michelangelo Of Plastic," I have heard it so much from friends and family members it has jus' sorta stuck. Here is some pics of the car that inspired me.
  22. Hey all y'all cool cats and kittens. I have started up a brand new Model Car Club called Xtreme Styrene Model Car Club. Still doing tweaks and adjustments to the forum but we are currently up and running. We also have a Yahoo Group to help inform members of new things, current projects we have on our bench, and other neat things. Some of the events we have are Manic Monday Modelling Mayhem where you post whatcha been workin' on over the weekend, anything new you are starting that week, so on and so forth. Then we have Wacky Weds WIP where you post what's on your bench this week. This is
  23. Lookin' good! I have a soft spot for the Old V-Dubs. You are doin' an awesome job on these li'l guys. I can't wait to see more on them. Keep up the great scratchbuilding skills as always!
  24. Holy Cow ChromeCop! I've seen where you posted "teaser" pics of this on another forum, but I didn't realize you had gotten this far with it!! Great work! I can't wait to see more when you start back up on this bad boy. Excellent Scratchbuilding skills as well my friend.
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