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  1. Well, I got the basics done of the conversion. Now it's time to start all the bodywork and move along to the frame, motor, and such. Nothin's been glued as of yet but will be soon. I cut it as li'l as possible so I didn't make any mistakes (as I've only got two of these kits and nothing as a backup), but enough chatter. Here's the pics. Enjoy!
  2. Looks like you are out of the gates and makin' good headway on this! I like how you chopped the top. I'd leave it as is and jus' realigne the pillars. Keep up the great work! I can't wait to see more.
  3. This is turnin' out great! I am sittin' patiently in front of my hobby desk and rollin' back to my Computer desk to see what's next! Keep up the great work!!
  4. Thanx for the encouragement! Jairus I'm going with Two Cabs jus' in case I mess somethin' up I got a li'l bit of back up. LoL Well wait no more for a li'l bit of an update! I sat here till 3:15pm after starting around 10am working on the bed. I can't find my dremel!! SO! I eyeball engineered everything and I'm actually quite happy with it! Once the bed dries completely I'll get better pics of it. Here's pics! More to come hopefully soon! Enjoy!!
  5. It's lookin' good Jairus! Keepin' it simple is the best way in my book. Keep up the great work!
  6. Ok, Let's get this shindig rollin' shall we? I am honoured to do this truck. It's been a project I've wanted to tackle for many years but too scared to do it, UNTIL now! I feel my skills are strong enough to pull this off now. So, with that said, let the fun begin! Modellers, Start Your DREMELS!!!! The Illustration of Inspiration: The Beginnings of the Model: The other 72 Cheyenne kit is behind the illustration I printed off for reference. I'm using Pegasus 19" and 23" Torq's (rear having lower profile rubber than the front) and 19" Discs. I've started figuring up wher
  7. I know they make the 19 and 23 Discs, but I only got a set of 19's. Which will still turn out fine as it gives it a bit more of a realistic approach to what I'm after. Some things I'm having to use "Artistic License" on like the suspension, motor, interior, etc. Thanx for the heads up tho. It's always appreciated.
  8. Touche'! I jus' saw those on a few sites that sell Pegasus wheels and tires. They are a bit smaller and would look much better than the ones from the Slammer kit. The ones under my Testors Firebird make the car look like some of the ones runnin' around here all "Jacked To Jesus so they can say HI!" I'm going with Pegasus Torq's 19 and 23's under the C10 Dual Cab. Think it's gonna look better than the others I found. Plus I got the Pegasus Discs to go with them.
  9. Looks like you are a off to a good start! I believe you can pull this one off with ease. That 409 is gonna sweet down between those front wheels. Keep us updated!
  10. I believe you can get those rims from the AMT Slammer Kit. The Concorde (Purple Car), 'cause I'm Sittin' here lookin' at the wheels from that kit sittin' under my Firebird, they almost are a dead match. HTP
  11. Cool beans Fletch!! And I'm off to find the parts, trucks, and tools. Jairus I'll try and do this truck justice for you. So, were off to the races !! This is what I'm building. Thanx again. Hosted on Fotki P.S. Sorry Fletch. Havin' poor nerves in my fingers I misspell my own name all the time. LOL
  12. Fletch, jus' let me know if that one is still available. Thanx for the message and Thank you Jairus for your message as well.
  13. The colour of the lights, the lack of detail on the tires, and a few other details scream Model to me. And then there is the Relation of the Trees to the Asphalt (if you wanna call it that, looks like a shingle to me). I believe it's a Initial D Diecast done very well. Which lookin' at my model shelf and seeing mine. They are identical!!!
  14. I'd really love to join this as I'm a big admirer of Jairus' work! The only problem is that there is only a select few and one in paticular that I'd be interested in building. I've got the kits and possibly wheels and do plan on starting it in the near future. Another hiccup with my plans for joining this is because of $$$. Still house hunting (after 8 months of lookin' this is rediculous!) and bein' disabled doesn't help. All y'all have great subjects and I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with. Happy Building!
  15. I wouldn't bash Japanese products because it would make me hypocrite. I worked for Honda of Marysville, OH, and I'm a very loyal Honda follower (favorites bein' the Accords, CR-X's and CR-V's). I've owned Hondas, Toyotas, Geo/Suzuki (Metro and Tracker), Geo/Isuzu (Storm), Geo/Toyota (Prism), Subarus, and various other li'l cars as I've not lived in the US all my life. Some here yes are getting a li'l "raw," to say, about the topic. I jus' recently did my part in recycling as I bought an old 1977 Chevy C10 Heavy Half Truck. LoL Granted it doesn't get 67mpg (at best I get 18mph highway) but at l
  16. Well lookin' at your kit and comparing it to my Original Issue Ford F250 (blue and black moldings) and reissue (white molding not red) F350 Dually they are identical except the bedsides (suspension and tires too on the F350 Dually). Ashame Revellogram didn't fix the 1/2 Ton Rims as Rick pointed out, but on a positive note, this makes it much easier for me to get 3 more to build my F250 and F350 Series work trucks. Jus' gotta track down another 2 Ford F350's now. Thanx
  17. Jeeps and Mud/Dirt!!!! What's not to love! Great job on your "first attempt!" Looks like you are a natural for this sort of thing. Great work!!
  18. Tom and Vernon y'all both have tempted fate and both rose beautifully to the challenge of turning Art into Reality even if it's in 1:24/5th scale. I agree with everyone here as it is a challenge to take a car that originally was intended to be a "Hardtop" only and turn it into a one off work of art that should have been, but never was. I can't wait to see both of these wonderful Camaros in the "Under Glass" Section so I can jus' drool. I'm a long time FAN-addict of Camaros and all things strange and unusual. I built a "One Off Concept" of the Mercury Cougar and had the same exact trouble wi
  19. With a Mighty Big Hammer and Shoehorn! Along with probally several circus clowns, elephants and show girls with big headdresses.
  20. Prius?? *(shouts to the other end of the house "HONEY QUICK GET A SHOT GUN AND A REBEL FLAG I'm GOIN' HUNTIN'!!!!" ) Should have done something like a Hyundai Accent or Kia Rio OR even a FORD ASPIRE if you wanted to insult us Model Car builders!!
  21. Very nice! I also agree for a quick build (to me a week is fast!) it came out great! The K9 in the back is a great touch. It's always the li'l extra touches that brings a build to life. Great work and keep 'em comin'!
  22. It's totally awesome to see a stock Merc! Bill you did an excellent job on it and making it a Tutorial build sure has made me think and learn a thing or two that I always miss along the way. I agree on the fit of the rear lid along with a few other things as I've built and rebuilt several. The hinges don't help as on some I've noticed do push it up higher around the Tulip Panel. Great work!! Keep 'em comin'!
  23. Ok, I'll join in on this thread. Here is my 1959 Cadillac S&S Combo Hearse done differently. Named it "The Undertaker" and done up Rat Rod Style. Enjoy! http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=18458
  24. Russ this might help make sense of how it was done. Getting started: There was three colours laid down (two are so close it's scarey). Silver to Lt. Blue to Metalspeck Copper Orange (Gloss Black Base to darken it). After it was sprayed it was sealed with 2 coats of clear to settle the metalflake. The Mask I printed out and then traced to tape: Once applied the Metalspeck Silver base was sprayed, dried in a dehydrator for 72 hrs then Anodized Blue Sprayed Over it and Dehydrated for another 72 hours and then mask removed gently. 6 layers of clear to seal everything in. Sm
  25. Well Chris you are in luck. I found the car(s) (forgot my digi tho) in Tipton County, TN, no that's not the one, BUT the ones I found (from my G.Caravan's Windscreen at least) is a 1956 Pontiac Hearse. Along with it off in the pasture and woods, there was a 1958 Pontiac Flower Car, 1955 Oldsmobile Ambulance, 1954 Olds Hearse, and even a 1955 Chevy Ambulance( I could barely contain myself then!!). When I knocked on the guy's door. What did he tell he had in the barn?? Not 1 but 2(!) 1958 Pontiac Ambulances both were locally owned (Shelby County, TN) and on a somber note. NOT FOR SALE! They were
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