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  1. Those jambs look killer! Great job! I love the custom trunk area too. As far as the underside goes most were either red oxide primer or grey (can't remember which) with some body coloured overspray on the sides as when the rockers were sprayed with colour. HTH. Lookin' great and keep up the great work! I love it.
  2. Man that interior is turned out fantastic! Very clean, very classic, and jus' right all around. This car is turning out superb. Keep up the great work! Waiting to see more.
  3. I am not a real big fan of the 1:1 Concept Mustang but after seeing what you did with it in scale I have to say it looks 10000 times better than the 1:1! I always thought it needed something but couldn't figure out what. You nailed that perfectly! Great job and I can't wait to see more.
  4. Man that taillight panel conversion is stunning! I myself being the past owner of 2 1965 Chevy Chevelle Malibus, Coupe and Sedan, I have to say you nailed this perfectly! I got one of these cars in my stash and I want to convert mine to the Malibu version. Great work! I can't wait to see more.
  5. Lookin' good Walt! That's a lot of motor for such a light Mopar! Better give it a Red Bull so it'll have wings! LOL Can't wait to see more.
  6. The hinge works are simple on this car since I'm using the "opened" doors that AMT was so nice to provide for me. Basically I took a Sewing/Alteration Pin and a #74 Drill bit. I wanted a small enough hole that the pin could go through but not fall out easily. I taped the door to the body figured out where I wanted the pin to go through and drilled my hole through the door jamb into and through the lower part of the inner door.Once I had the door jamb situated for the inward swing. I pushed the pin through the bottom into the door jamb into the door and swing baby swing! LoL It's a simple Pivot
  7. Ok, a li'l more work tonight before I call it quits for the night. Now let the fun begin! I let the styrene fly and I got a new Transmission Tunnel Constructed, Recessed the Booster/Master Cylinder into the firewall, and brought "Traditional" Suicide Hinges into the Modern World. First off the Transmission Tunnel. Next was the recessed "Brake Booster/Master Cylinder." And now I present to you. The Inward Opening Suicide Door. It took me 2 days of deliberation, trial and error run on a scrap body, and sketching out what I wanted. Now I gotta do the
  8. Ok, let's continue shall we! With the hood and such cut free from the body we had to make it look like a one piece item. So out came the bondo and I also removed the hood ornament area while I was at it. I also made out of styrene the missing headlight brows and lower rings and blended them into the body for a "Frenched" look. A li'l primer to find the flaws. And a quick test fit! Then I made a new firewall and another leading edge this time for the front clip to rest on. I also shaved the body of trim, emblems, etc. Something jus' didn't seem right
  9. I thought I posted this car on here before but I guess I was wrong. I started this project as a back burner project for when I get builder's block to get myself out of a rut. I started with a Parts Box 1956 Ford Victoria 2dr Coupe that someone had started to build as a Gasser. That got me thinking of some crazy ideas but I'm letting the car lead me where it wants to go. So let's begin shall we? I cut the dog house off after gluing the hood to the fenders since someone had removed the firewall and inner fenders and radiator support. I knew I wanted a flip nose. I also opened the trunk since
  10. Lookin' great! I can't wait to see more on this awesome build. Don't let it sit so long next time. Keep up the great work!
  11. Absolutely amazing! Looks so realistic! Thanx for sharing this build up of this diorama with us! I love it and I'm sure ole JD would too.
  12. Lookin' good! Bumpers look better with the Alclad II Chrome as it makes them more realistic in scale. Keep up the excellent work!
  13. Lookin' real good! The spray cans are awesome too. Great touch for the artwork on the side. Gonna be another masterpiece when done! Keep it up!
  14. Comin' right along! Great execution and body work! Looks like this kit was produced this way from the company. Great job! Keep it up you are doing it true justice.
  15. I think I jus' fell off the wagon after 6 yrs from the fumes. The Fumes of JD Whiskey from them barrels! LoL Jus' kiddin'! Great work Juerg! This is turnin' out spectacular! I truly am anxious to see more now.
  16. Welcome to MCM first off! That is gonna be one slick 32 when done! Great work. One thing that really stands out to me is the black wheels as it's a great contrast to the Champagne body. Keep it comin', you are on the right track.
  17. Completely accurate or completely inaccurate this build is comin' along superbly! Spenser would be proud to be driving this car. Great work MrMike! Keep it up! I saw many many years ago at a car show a Mustang that was used in Spenser for Hire and IIRC it was undercoated. LOL Jus' teasin' to those who knock great builds! I really didn't look that close at the 1:1 car!
  18. I'm likin' this! Something truly different and out of sight. Me being a Former Honda Employee of Marysville, OH and building Honda Civics, Accords, and a few Acuras these cars have a soft spot in my heart. Great work and those rims are killer. Keep it up!
  19. Juergen this is comin' along great my friend! The sepia tone really brings that picture with "Jim" to life and looks very realistic! Those barrels are gonna be specatacular and a great addition to the dio! I truly can't wait to see more on this project!
  20. This dio and truck touch a soft spot in me as I live in Tennessee and at one time lived but 45 minutes from the Jack Daniel's Distillary and Museum. Great li'l place to visit if you ever get this way. Juergen this dio is so awesome and I'm glad to see someone with your talents execute it. Great job! I can't wait to see more.
  21. This is truely becoming a work of art! I am lovin' all the aspects of this build! I'm sorry I missed a few updates but when I come in and see this! I'm truely blown away! Great work I'm sure all the great custom coachbuilders would approve in one way or another! Great work! Love it! P.S. As far as the pics go. Don't stop! Keep postin' them! It really brings this build to life!
  22. This is Tumbler's DISASTER ZONE! It's a work in progress and I'm still cleaning up and unpacking as I jus' bought this house back in June 2010. From the doorway you can see the boxes upon boxes of models, parts kits, etc. This is half the reason I can't find anything at the moment. LoL That's my li'l apprentice (1 of 3) lookin' over the desk and giving me her Approval for my organizational skills. And this is the desk................ LOOKOUT! LoL I hope you have your tetnus shot! I try and keep it somewhat organized but that doesn't always happen. This is on top of
  23. I have to say this is getting better with every update! I really like the wheels as it keeps with the theme. Building a model is all about having fun with it. If it becomes too much like work then something wrong. LoL Keep us posted on the progress. I'm watchin' for sure. Love it!
  24. Ouch! Why is it these vans always give us a fit? LoL Sorry to hear 'bout your paint and glue issue. You'll get it right. Keep the faith.
  25. That is jus' toooooo coool! I really dig the "Wagon Wheel" spoked wheels. It will really bring this build to life for sure! Keep up the stunning work! I really like it.
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