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  1. Thanx for the tip! I bet you did have the coolest bike! Interesting what we learn from others.
  2. Phase 2 To solve the frame issues I glue the interior floor to the frame. That worked! Here you can also see the front springs, perches, and straight axel tube are in place as well. Sits level. LoL Hmm, I think I need to bring the rear end down some and back! I don't like the way its sitting! Until Next Update! Enjoy!
  3. I started with the AMT 1951 Chevy Fleetline Deluxe kit. This kit is horrible, but with patience and skill it can be a nice shelf piece. I'm gonna attempt to make a Gasser out of this. Everyone here knows I can't leave anything alone when it comes to styrene. So, with that said, I've made the front and rear springs, spring perches, straight tube axel, spindles, tube connecting rod, and the front frame extension all from scratch. I removed the front stock suspension pieces and filed the frame down smooth as well. Engine is still in experimental stages. Enough blabbin' let's get y'all up to speed
  4. Very well done! It looks like some of the relics that are sittin' around here in my hood from the days of dirt track racin' at Memphis Motorsports Park! Keep up the great work!
  5. Lyle this car is jus' gorgous! As all your builds are! My question is how do you smoke the paint like that? I've seen several people do it but get the concept of how it's done. Can't wait to see more. The colour choice is stunning! Interior looks nice and comfy. Great work!
  6. Glad to see the master is back at work on his sculpture! Can't wait to see more on this awesome project! Don't keep us waiting so long next time. LoL
  7. Absolutely stunning work as usual! Very well thought out, excellent execution on the body work, everything is jus' a marvel to watch come together. Like watching a sculpter perfect his masterpiece one step at a time. Keep going. I love it!
  8. Time to blow off the dust yet again for this ole girl now that Spring/Summer has come around! My first real Kit-Bash and a totally enjoyable even tho very long build! I'm scouring Ebay for the parts and kits to do the Thunderbird version to go along with this car. Thanx again to all who commented on this build.
  9. I wish I would have had a 35mm camera when I had my 1970 Cutlass. Seeing your Cutlass in that metallic blue sure brought back memories of one heck of a summer! If it was me I'd leave it that colour as it's gorgous! Great work gettin' the three kits to meld together. I'm gonna have to find me a Jo-Han 70 Cutlass now and a 69 Cutlass as well. Great work! I love it!
  10. Jim, this is lookin' great! I like the amount of attention you are putting into the detail of this car. Looks 150% better. Keep up the great work!
  11. Davin, I have to say thank you for not stopping this thread due to some people's remarks. I've been watching silently in the background of this build up and I have to say that you are doing a tremendous job with this car. You build it as you see it in your eyes. I like where you are going. Keep up the great work and those hinges look stellar! Can't wait to see more.
  12. DanielG, this car is turning out awesome! I love the work you have put into it as it shows this is going to Top Shelf like your 58 Imp-Camino! Lookin' like a true winner! Keep up the excellent workmanship!
  13. I have a pair of 70.5's that need something done with them. I'll eventually get to them, but for now I do have one killer '79 Camaro Z/28 G-Machine runnin' a 455cid engine. BTW: Some slick lookin' Maro's out there! Great work guys!
  14. Lookin' at the beginning pics and lookin' at the latest update. It's hard to believe this started life as a 55 Nomad Wagon. Great conversion! You nailed it perfectly! Keep up the awesome work! The colour combo is perfect too! Love it!
  15. I had to go pick my jaw up off the floor after seeing this update! Holy Cow your ability jus' amazes me! I love it! Keep them updates comin' when you can cause I'm truly watchin' this in awe!
  16. I really like the paint job on this one! To me it looks like a Studebaker nose on a Stutz Roadster. Interesting for sure.
  17. Lookin' good! Excellent attn to detail! The shifter looks perfect! Keep up the great work. I'm watchin' closely on this one!
  18. Well, I'm glad ya got the frame situation figured out. This is comin' along nicely! Those rear springs are MASSIVE! LoL As far as the "Grease Pig" diesel I think it might be a fairly easy swap from lookin' at your pics. Jus' change the Intake Manifold so you can hide a carb under the Air Breather Assembly. I'll have to look again at the engine in my kit to double make sure on this (back to the Measure Twice Cut Once Joke! LoL) Keep up the great work! I like it.
  19. Wow! Excellent scratch building! This is gonna be a killer ride when done! I can't wait to see more on this wonderful and interesting build!
  20. This is jus' stunning work! I like the direction you are going! Keep up the most excellent scratchbuilding on this project! I can't wait to see more.
  21. Ok, I'm gonna throw my one and only Caddy (at the moment) into this fray of gorgous Caddies, but I'm the oddball like Dr. Cranky! 1959 Caddy S&S Combo Hearse "Rat Rod Spookster" aka "The Undertaker" Complete w/ Casket! LOL Enjoy! P.S. Some gorgous Caddies of all genres here! Keep'em comin'!
  22. This is simply amazing! I love the attn to detail that is being put into this! So when is the first initial firing of the engine?? LoL Every update brings this masterpiece alive even more. Great work, I love it. Can't wait to see more.
  23. Foxer, sorry for not responding from time to time on this build! You are sure knockin' this one out of the ball park! The wheels look spectacular, decals are amazing, and the overall build is jus' stunningly beautiful! Who'd a thought Rust could be beautiful! Great job on the replication of this van! The hinges came out amazing too! Great work! I'm watching and have been lookin' in from time to time. Can't wait to see more on this build.
  24. This is comin' along beautifully! I Love the work you are putting into this! I can't wait to see more of your spectacular work!
  25. Great job on the hearses! Lord I feel as if I've started something here. LoL Can't wait to see more on these projects and the 49 Mercury Led Sled Hearse is gonna be "killer!" LoL Keep up the great work!
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