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  1. And the pics continue........ The car almost measures a full 9" on a regular ruler!! Talk about a long car! Enjoy!
  2. OK, I wasn't gonna post this but I'm so far along that some people are jus' thinking I'm jus' plain nutz for tackling this project. A friend of mine who owns a detailing shop presented the idea of a Chrysler 300C Hearse to me when one came through his shop one day. Next time it came in I snapped off a couple of photos and got to work. So far the frame has been stretched to the 131" Wheelbase and securely joined, rear seat and parcel shelf removed, body stretched, modified, and joined together (with pins in the rocker panels for security). Now comes the fun part. Making all the reinforcements a
  3. Man this car is turnin' out jaw dropping gorgous!! I've checked in from time to time and I'm lovin' each update that comes up! This car is going to be a stunner! Keep up the great work!
  4. Lookin' good! I think a set of steelies would look real good or the wheels from the 1971 Plymouth Duster would fit too. Awesome job! I'm watchin'!
  5. Totally Awesome build!!! That car looks like it weighs a TON... well Two Tons with all that armour. That is some stellar scratchbuilding for sure! Keep up the great work I wanna see more now!
  6. Another stunning beauty from the bench of Mr. Lyle! The colours, flames, and wheels work in pure harmony with one another. Great job as usual my friend. Can't wait to see what you build next.
  7. This car is turning out to be a knock out for sure! Great scratchbuilding and an excellent colour choice for this body. Keep up the stunning work I like what I see.
  8. Yowzers! That's comin' along nicely! I was hopin' to see an update on this. Great work and such an unexpected amount of work done too. Keep it up! I love it.
  9. Totally rad idea and excellent execution so far! Lookin' good. Keep them updates comin'! I'm watchin' for sure.
  10. Ok, the front radiator frame is in place to steady up everything in the front. I had to trim some of the fender covers and frame horns so the front clip would fit down snuggly over everything. I'm also thinking of changing my tire selection again. We'll see and again Thanx to those following this build. Next to start the front suspension so I can start on the rear section of the frame. I'm leaving the engine as a surprise in the beast. Till next time. Enjoy!
  11. This was gonna be my suggestion. I've had a 99 Silvo LoCustom in the works now since this kit first came out way back when. You have taken on an ambitious project and it's lookin' good so far. I lowered mine myself from what I had and that was a project in itself. Great work! I Like it. This is where mine stands:
  12. Hey the hinges look and work great! I like it! I was gonna fair warn ya when you got to the "ride height" of the van, but you figured that out on your own. LoL Keep up the stunning work. I like where it's going and the bean bag is jus' out of this world! Sorry the pins were too small, but it was jus' a suggestion. Keep it comin'!
  13. Great job on the roof filler panel! You are doing a great job. I can't wait to see more progress on De-Zingering! this van. I had a 1965 A-100 many years back so this one dear to me. Keep the updates a comin'!
  14. This is jus' mind blowing! Great work on the interior door panels! They look like they were meant to be that way. This is going to be on Killer car when done! I love your past projects and this is going to fit in perfectly! Keep up the great work!
  15. Absolutely stunning work! If this was a 1:1 car I believe this would work out awesomely! As a 1:25th it's going to be breath taking when done! Keep up the stunning work!
  16. Have to say Thanx for the compliment guys! Walt I haven't run out of steam yet. I jus' work too much and sometimes I don't get the appropriate time I would like to have to work on my models. Ok, now it's Update Time! I think I have an idea of which direction this build is finally going. I mocked it up with some wheels that I might end up using. If so the fronts are gonna have to be narrowed down some. I promise the car will sit a tad higher once a suspension is put under it. I started working on the frame. I'm going with a Unibody look so if this car needs to get low down and di
  17. Stunning concept! I love the idea of having a Cord Engine in a 32! This is going to one mind boggling build when done. Keep it up, I like where it's heading. The Linc wheels look awesome so far.
  18. Lookin' good! I really love the colour. That engine is hot! LoL Can't wait to see more progress on this beauty. Keep us informed! I like it!
  19. Lookin' good Foxer! Those hinges are killer. As for holding them in place. I think maybe some Alteration/Sewing Pins with the heads might work. Dunno. That's what I'm attempting. Keep up the stellar work! 8-)
  20. Lookin' good! I love styrene cars as you can change them with a li'l imagination and the cost is a lot cheaper than doing a 1:1. Plus you don't t'off the purists. LoL You are doing a killer job and I love where this is going. Keep them updates a comin'. I'm watchin' this.
  21. That's one hot colour! I like it. Great work on the paint and decals. Need to get me some of these Challengers. Keep up the stunning work.
  22. I was wondering how long it would be before someone did something like this to the Challenger. LoL Can't wait to see more. Lookin' cool!
  23. Um, Holy Cow! That's stunning! I love the work on blending everything together to make it sing in harmony. Great job! I can't wait to see more on this killer build. Colour combo sounds awesome. Can't wait to see it.
  24. Looks like the real deal to me! Great work and excellent execution! Spenser would be proud!
  25. Stunning execution! It looks awesome! Can't go wrong with a stretch Ford with a HUGE motor. Keep up the great work. I'm waiting for more.
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