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  1. Hi Lyle,

    Very sharp build, black sure is tough to do, but when it is done as clean as this car...a thing of beauty!!

    Curious to see your reply as to the paint, clearcoat, polish, etc. going to try to paint a black car again, my first one got stuck on the end of my shoe, thankfully the dog finally buried it in the backyard. Glad that didn't happen to your fine build.


  2. Hey Chuck,

    Getting same results as Ben, little boxes with red X in them, tried to right-click open, logged off, then back on, still can't open. Would love to see the model you are talking about, I remember those days when all we had was our love of "cool car" models and some imagination, we would try and build what we saw in the pictures in Hot Rod and Car Craft, or maybe build the car we knew we would never be able to afford. Seemed like a lot of my friends ( and once in awhile..... me) would build some really cool cars, we would raid mom's sewing kit for wires and things, dad's toolbox for sandpaper and tools, and hope to stumble onto something that would help make our models look good. I remember using nailpolish on an engine..... straight from mom's medicine cabinet, little brush and all, no thinner, no primer, no sanding, no clearcoat, just a little bit of skill and time, and it looked awesome!!

    AAHHHHH...them was da days!!


  3. Hey all,

    The thing that I have found that helps the most when painting by hand is to find a comfortable position. I used to hold model up with one hand and try to paint without shaking with the other hand, seemed like everything moved waaaayyyy too much!! Now I rest my wrist on a couple of books so that my hand naturally relaxes over the model, seems to help with the small letters, etc. so that your muscles do not work as hard, so they do not shake as much. Move the model to the paint, not the other way around so your muscles are constantly relaxed as much as they can be. Toothpick idea is a great one, always does good job, but for me, it all starts with minimizing muscles used, makes it so much easier.


  4. Hey Mike,

    Paint looks great, there's something about the nailpolish that always seems to stand out, plus, you get the colors (and the cheap price) that make it worth the trouble. With paint like that, you could put it up on blocks and it would STILL look great!!


  5. Hey all,

    Also curious about filtration, know lots of you use furnace filters, can anyone provide me more info. about the carbon filtration? Use carbon on my aquariums to remove medications, toxins, etc., but not sure how to use in-line on the vent, want to be as kind to environment as I can,


  6. What a great looking build!!

    I think the reason I got back into building was really because of cars like this, the classic funny cars just had so much "soul", and yours just looks wonderful.

    Keep up the good work!!


  7. Hello Lani,

    Just wanted to say welcome aboard, I am new here too, but there are a wonderful bunch of people on the forums, and I'm sure you will learn a lot.

    It is really great you have your dad right there to help you, my dad helped me when I first started, and kept me motivated when I got frustrated, every time you build you'll learn a little more, and every time you visit the forums, you'll learn more too!

    Best of luck and welcome.

  8. Hey all,

    Thanks for the replys, I had heard most of the newer fans were pretty safe, been spraying into cardboard in the garage, but want to get out of the humidity and dust. Like CrazyJim's reply, putting on a cart sounds like a good way to go, garage when right weather, in the house when it is needed. Will check out the links you sent, thanks to all, will let you know how it turns out, maybe post a picture ot two later.


  9. Hello all,

    Thinking about trying to make homemade spraybooth, anyone have any tips or ideas to share? Think it should be easy, confident about lighting, power, and enclosure,but want to make sure the fan is safe, don't want to lose my eyebrows...or worse!! Know there a fan that is sealed against the fumes, but do not know what it is called.

    Appreciate everyone's help in advance!

    Thanks. Mike

  10. Hi George,

    Thanks for your reply, I would like to try my hand at building before I resort to buying. Have an old article I found online, might just try sprue or evergreen, just not too sure how to make it look realistic.

    Also, I've seen the stands where it looks like they are attached to transmission and holds weight of entire trans. and block, does that exist in 1:1 world, I have never seen that before.

    Thanks. Mike

  11. Howdy folks,

    Just wondering if anyone had any good pictures of any scratchbuilt engine stands.

    I acquired quite a collection of 1/24 & 1/25 engines and would like to display them.

    I had found a few ideas awhile back online (before signing up for Model Car Mag's Forums) but they seem to look....like....things that were poorly build to look like engine stands and not authentic representations.

    Any ideas or pictures would be appreciated.

    I sure enjoy the new community I am discovering, this is my first post, and much thanks to any that care to reply!!


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