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  1. The support bracket is 0.030 Stainless steel They are available!! Part#'s JC4020 - Nostalgia Moon fuel tank w/cap & Brackets (Tank Plain Aluminum) 1/24 Scale JC4020gb - Nostalgia Moon fuel tank w/cap & Brackets (Tank Glass-Beaded) 1/24 Scale Email me at jdsracing@sbcglobal.net for ordering
  2. OK, Here are a couple pictures of my New Moon Fuel Tank. I will be available soon!
  3. Here is a prototype of my new JDS Racing Moon Tank w/stainless steel brackets Still need to do a few things to finalize it..... Hope to have them available by next month. you can email me if you have any questions Hmm it won't let me post picture? To large it says???? used lowest resolution Email me at jdsracing@sbcglobal.net and I can send you pictures Thx Joe
  4. Just got them back from being anodized....now Blue and Gold anodized tips You contact me at jdsracing@sbcglobal.net to purchace
  5. Hey Guys, I hope someone here can tell me who and where I can get this front wheel... thx for any info
  6. Here is what I have available for Dragster Front wheels...I have more so email me at jdsracing@sbcglobal.net
  7. Just order a BNL motor, can't wait to see his work.
  8. Need help finding Crower manifold small block and big block. Is there a kit out there tat offers this, or does someone cast it in resin? Thanks for any suggestions
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