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Found 10 results

  1. Here is my revised Cannonball Run Reuse build. Started with my C5R that snowballed and the time was not there to finish it as I wanted to so one month ago I switched to this. Tamiya TOM’s Castrol JGTC Toyota Supra from the 1995 season where it was street derived cars competing. This is one of the most iconic Japanese racing cars in modern time thanks to games as Gran Turismo 2, where the Supra was one of the must have cars in the game. The 1995 TOM’s Castrol Supra got dragged out of storage, sprayed in an more discrete color with some minor modifications and a added extra seat for the co driver. If you look closely you can still se hints of its previous life as well as the wear and tear of 26 years of use and neglect. And I broke my own record and finished it in 33 days from idea to Finnish! Custom wing made from the original wing sides and a Porsche GT2 “wide” wing blade. Period correct side mirrors. Typical JDM Mufler. C5R difusor. Extra seat with PE seat bases for both seats. PE seat belts. And again, thanks to everyone at the forum for al the kind words and encouragements!
  2. Welcome race fans, to the 11th annual running of the Model Car Cannonball Run. This year’s run is shaping up to be especially memorable as the racers will have to leave their beloved V8’s at home! That’s right, the only allowed power plants are in-liners of any variety. So expect some serious mad scientist engineering as our race teams are going to strive for every last possible horsepower. There is no shortage of in-line power plants available, both foreign and domestic. So which engine gets chosen and why will be of particular interest. The rules: The theme is in-line engines. Your build must feature an engine or engines with all cylinders in a row, of any variety. 1. The build can be either a new or started kit up to 25% complete. A rebuilder or parts box special is okay too. 1/24 or 1/25. If you absolutely must do a 1/20 model we’ll likely bend the rules as we have before, but that’s the limit. EXCEPTION TO RULE 1. If you have a previously started racer from a previous running of the Cannonball (SA or MCM) 50% complete or less, they are eligible to run this year as long as they meet the theme requirement. All of our previous runs are still available on either of the two forums. If you are going to do this, please be certain it was involved in a previous run. I’ve decided to continue this rule from last year, as the goal of this CBP was always to get people building and finishing models. 2. Before starting please post a photo of your kit(s) or pile o’ parts. No limitation on type of vehicle or technology used. I have a feeling we’re gonna see some weird stuff this year. 3. The car must appear to be street legal. Headlights, tail lights, license plate etc. 4. As always, have fun and watch out for two priests in a red Ferrari. That’s it for rules. The following is just FYI. - You may start a separate build thread for your build if you wish, but please keep the CBP thread updated. - The car can be as eye catching or non-descript as you wish. Bright colors and/or racing livery will make you more noticeable to local law enforcement, but that’s your problem. - Build time begins on January 1st, 2018, local time and ends at 11:59PM on December 1st, 2018, local time. That’s 11 months’ folks. - After the finish, we will create a poll and we’ll have the “race”, a public vote. - A few weeks prior I’ll start a completed builds thread, for posting up your work and we’ll work the poll from that thread. Take some GOOD PHOTOS! I cannot emphasize this enough, good photos are essential. No one has won this with crappy photos in poor lighting. - You may build as many models as you wish for this CBP but only one can be entered in the public voting poll after Dec. 2. - You can enter this CBP at any time up to 48 hours before the end date.
  3. This is my entry into the Cannonball CBP down below, but as a matter of a searchable record I want this presented here in a separate, comprehensive thread. Like many Monogram models of that era ('69 Camaro, '57 Nomad), the 53 is so disproportionate it welcomes body mods. The trunk is too long and I considered sectioning that but, nah. A scale 6-inches ready to be cut laterally throughout the car, which includes the interior bucket and engine compartment. Quarter inch tape demarcates well. Just enough room in the back to get away with it. I wanted to do this on a relatively low parts count kit. Fewer parts to cut and fewer headaches over fiddly stuff. The rounded rear fender will be the achilles heal. I'm also not going to try and preserve any side trim. There are one or two places that make sectioning intuitive, like in the interior bucket. The cut will be easy to hide. The deep draw of the lower engine bay also is forgiving of taking out a quarter inch.
  4. It's time to kick around next years theme. I will be running it and hopefully participating. So I'd like everyone who is planning on participating suggest TWO themes. Just two. We need to keep this thing manageable. Later on I'll tally it up and we'll vote. I'd also like an explanation of what your idea is. For instance if you're gonna suggest musclecars, tell us what years and level of technology allowed. Give us specifics. I'm gonna chew on it for a while and get back to you.
  5. Voting thread to decide the winner of the 2016 Cannonball Run CBP. This year we took the race over sea's to Australia, the theme this year was a Off-Road Outback Theme. Builders were tasked with constructing vehicles both capable of traveling Off-Road and also surviving the course. We had a total of 5 completed builds, they will be listed below in order appearing in the poll, we kindly ask that you cast your vote to decide this years winner. To see additional pictures please visit the the completed builds thread here: 2016 Cannonball (Aussieball) Completed Buillds Thread Thank you in advance! Entry #1 MeatMan's Toyota Land Crusier Entry #2 Belugawrx's Chevy AC Delco Entry #3 Jay's Customs '51 Chevy 3100 Entry #4 MLMDesign's '71 Plymouth Duster Entry #5 Misha's '72 Chevy Blazer
  6. This is my build for the cannonball run this year the theme was sleepers. I used a a Ferrari 599 gto from revell for the underneath including the engine, transmission, exhaust, brakes and tires. The white walls were used to fill the gap between the stock caps and Ferrari tires. The wooden bed was made to hide the trans and exhaust. Other than the rear wheel wells the interior is stock with the exception of the steering wheel it's from 69 Camaro and the paddle shifters from the Ferrari.
  7. My entry into the CannonBall Run 2015 Ok ..here we go... '62 chev Impala, with a corvette engine,.... sounds simple enough,... Stretched the corvette chassis, a scale 12" and the drive shaft, with 1/4" alum. tube,... Twin turbo setup,... (don't look too close) Wheels are reverse chromes from the 49 merc kit, cut the trunk open to install a nascar gas tank , and easy fill,... Pretty much gutted the interior and installed laptop and GPS,... And that puts an end to a year long project,.. LETS RACE!! Cheers!!
  8. This is a repost of one of the lost MCM threads from last week. Those who have commented previously, I thank you. You needn't oblige twice, I just want this back on here as a matter of record. Thanks. My entry in the 2014 Cannonball CBP. Wired engine, flared fenders, rebuilt oversize gas tank, shortened rear end with custom nose and tail.
  9. Hi again folks, here's a repost of the '68 Dart I made for the 2014 Cannonball run CBP. It's packing the 426 Cross Ram Hemi, two tone paint, (Chrysler Inferno Red and Gloss Black), and 3D printed rims modeled by myself in Blender 3D and printed via Shapeways. It also marks my very first attempt at Bare Metal Foiling, it's was done with a dull blade (forgot to pick up new lol) so it's probably not the best but I'm happy with it. Got loads more of respect for you guys that do all these chromed classics. I knew it wasn't easy but now I have a far better understanding of just how delicate this process is. Thanks for looking, more pics up shortly!
  10. Working on getting a Countach engine in a 68 firebird. I put the rear wing, side air scoops, and seats into the Pontiac, which work out fairly well. Now I need to concentrate on the body and brake/fuel lines. Getting the Lamborghini radiators attached to the grill is going to be a challenge.
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