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Found 9 results

  1. Hi all,,one of my fav kits,,the 1/12th Lindberg Topolino,,with some x-tras. Sprayed w/Testors qukdry lime green,,diamond dust for the chassis. And some hand painted accents. Build on!
  2. I've had this one sitting on the side for a while, after buying it on eBay, sadly when it arrived the tyres and polycaps were missing, a good friend got in touch with me to say he had the parts I needed, so as I've got a few models on the backburner ready for airbrushing, I'm going to make a start on this one, I've had the paint mixed up for a few years, Positano yellow, which was the colour of my second car, a Fiat 128. it's been a while since I've built a Tamiya model kit, I think the last one was the Citroen 2cv, I think I need to build more of my Tamiya kits in the stash, the parts fit is superb, just a very fine mould line to remove running along the top of the rear window, but the rest of the bodyshell is devoid of any more mould lines, the engine cover and sunroof are only dry fitted at the moment.
  3. This is a real old build from about 1982 or so. It's the original Protar 1/12 die cast kit. I did a little minor restoration recently. The paint needed to be waxed again, the windscreen had broken off and I was missing the two louvered pieces under the exhaust. I got the replacement parts from Italeri. The windscreen is in this die-cut sheet. It was way too short to fit in the frame so I cut a new piece. I just couldn't get the four little hood clips to work. They are just ridiculous to attach to the frame and the one in the front is exactly over the tie rod. So here's some new photos of it.
  4. Classic Fiat 500 converted to pickup by coachbuilder. About 500 were produced in this style. Started with the Tamiya's excellent kit, cutting the body in half just behind the doors. The wheel base needed to be stretched, using sheet plastic for the body and a variety of plastic stock for the chassis. Plastic stock of various kinds was also used for the pickup bed. The crates were plastic stock as well. The reject wine bottles were made by spinning a master on a lathe, clear coating it to a shine, then molding/casing a bunch. A new gang mold was made, then clear resin tinted green was poured. The crates say "Garbage" and "reject" in Italian.
  5. I just love these little Fiat Topolinos! I built this one many years ago and I think it's a Revell (?) I started with only a body and went from there. Everything is either scratch built or from my Bone yard. The funny thing about it is that for years I would look at and would always think, "Something just isn't right with this picture" but could never put my finger on it! It was only a few months ago that I was finally able to see it! I had put the Spark plug wires in the wrong place!! DUH! You know, almost all of my models have a story and I guess that is this ones' story so I'm not going to change it!
  6. Well it seems it's easier to start a new project than finish old ones. Anyways I bought a Fiat 500 kit made by Tamiya, which had been started a little, a few parts were painted but nothing was glued. Straight away I knew I will not use other than the body and small body parts from this kit since I remember still one Altered that was built from Fiat 500 on Finnish Model Car Forum... After some planning, I decided to start with the Frame from AMT Double Dragster's Fiat Topolino. It fits nicely, only a little cutting and it will be just the way I want. Of course the plan is to fit the tires outside bodyline, and front tires won't be on the original place once they are done. Engine, I've planned, will be Early Hemi with Blower. I'm planning to go with '60s vibe on this one. The frame will be scratchbuilt, since I will build the Fiat Topolino also from that AMT Kit, but the frame will be used as a basis. Now there are no real axles, only plastic tubes that connect those tires together, tires and wheels may change as the build goes on, now I just threw the first ones I found for a little Mock Up. I'm trying to build this one as nice as I can, and it will probably take some time, but I'm open to ideas and suggestions, as always. This is the Base Kit. My MockUp: ...Hope to have some of the Frame work done tomorrow.
  7. It's been quite some time since I was here, but it looks like this drag racing forum sure picked up speed! I could remember an echo in here, now there's folks taking and posting 1/16th (my fav) Just a shout out to two incredible time consuming builds by Mooneyz and Vintagedragfan....the Calif. Charger and the Army F/C are UNBELIEVABLE......makes me want to sell a car and buy a lathe, but then I would NEVER come out of the shop. I thought I knew detail, but I don't I was lucky enough to grow up in the golden years of drag racing, and my dad worked with a lot of racers, our home track was Fremont, and I saw ALL the iconic cars of the day....I am also old enough to actually have bought the Revell 1/16th models off the shelf when they first came out. It is SO good to see how many people have found this hobby again.... Anyway, to get to the reason of the post. I have been stockpiling parts and pieces, and am feeling the need to start building again, so I thought I would hollar out to any folks with photos of a few cars. Mike Sullivan's Fiat Fuel Altered (the blue one) Prudhomme's or McEwen's Hot Wheels FED's (Snake - Mongoose - for search purposes) Howard Cam's Rattler (the orange FED that slixx made the 1/16th decal set for) What I have is a good collection of drag cars....all sorts, floppers and rails mostly, name drivers, unique cars, I have some I have taken myself, but most are from years of collecting from the NET.... I also have very high quality digitals of drag boats and a lot from the pits for details if anyone is doing a drag boat model.... anyway, so good to see the hobby going well, and I look forward to watching a few builds take place..... ps.....has anyone done the JT-Graphics 1/16th Hot Wheels Snake or Mongoose build? (that's why I would love some photos of those cars!)
  8. If you were a big fan of Topolino bodied fuel altereds of the 60's-70's, and you aquired just the shell of the Fiat body from the Double Dragster kit. What would you build? Better yet, what do you think I will build?
  9. I started to work on a cute little car called cinquecento As a mopar fan this car should be in my collection since it's listed as a part of mopar family on official mopar homepage Fujimi kit is pretty simple with just enough detail to make a nice model. It'll be pearl white with gun metal wheels. I plan it to be an OOB build. 2 photos of all the parts: Cheers
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