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Found 11 results

  1. Completed in just a hair over 14hrs. The color is Tamiya metallic blue over Tamiya bright white. The stripes (not the number plaque) are painted. The 24 represents not only the 24 hr build but also the year. No name other than my own is associated with this car. LOL! I have to say this was way out of my realm but, it was a fun build. Please note, the tractor was built after the 24hr deadline.
  2. New Year new Variant New build thread but this is not a new project ... thought this was a good time to start this thread for reasons to be explained ...
  3. Next project idea, simply posting to have some sort of incentive to go for it. Got the vintage Monogram Porsche 904 slot-car version at GSL, which is completely different than the version with an engine. Friend had the Monogram Porsche March Indy car at the Phoenix model swap meet, I noticed "Porsche" when we started packing up so got it for $5. I never knew Porsche tried Indy, looked up the history and saw it was a dismal attempt, so no wonder. The kit isn't worth anything, and nobody seems to like Indy models, so why not hack it up? The 904 had the nice Fuches wheels and P7 tires, probably Fujimi. The Porsche Outlaws & Hot Rods topic inspired me. I have to catch up with other things before getting possessed and obsessed about this project.
  4. Built this for the Lee Iacocca memorial build, AMT kit (not snap-tite). Started July 11, 15.5 hours later on July 13 calling it done! Built Box Stock, no corrections, no added parts, not lowered. Used nail 'polish' for the paint, Bare Metal Foil used as light reflectors. For AMT, it was well done, the big problem was the turbo pipe from the back turbo to the left fender, that's why the hood does not close all the way. I bought this on sale for $8.10 when I heard the Union demanded it be pulled for Pace Car, hoped it would become a collector kit, you can buy one off eBay for $8-$9, so it didn't even keep up with inflation! I adapted what I read in the book Extreme Weathering, mainly dumping salt onto the wet primer coat of paint, then wet-sanded, also sanded the decals. Added some dents, and broken air dam. Other techniques are clear flat with Africa Korps and/or Leather added for weathering as dust or dirt. Circle template used to cut masking tape for the wiper tracks. Drilled exhaust tips, Molotow pen used for the tips. Bird droppings were the last detail. No license plate decal! It was a nice break from fuzting with the Paris-Dakar.
  5. Kitbash of the classic Monogram Porsche 904 slot car kit issued 1965, with the Monogram Porsche March Indy race car from 1990. WIP build thread When the ladies at the copy shop gave me weird looks when I had the license plate reduced and printed, I tried to explain, Porsche + Indy, will bring it in to show them; it's the Phoenix International Raceway special plate. I have wanted to kitbash an Indy car, my original idea was with a '32 Ford or something. I was with friends at a model swap meet, saw "Porsche" on the box, they sold it for $5. I didn't know they ran at Indy, after reading the history, see why the car is kept hidden in their warehouse. I was at the GSL swap meet, saw the 904, offered $35, came with the Fuches wheels. The Porsche Outlaws & Hot Rods thread helped inspire me. Diorama is my California Pit Stop. Took about 180 hours to build. Paint is nail 'polish', shows really good in the sunlight. Will be interesting to see what category it will be allowed in at the Phoenix IPMS contest, since it's a fantasy and not real, much less accurate, Custom should work? Has Big Bend Open Road Race logo, the door number is for the year the kit was produced, if the numbers went up to 89, would have done that. My concept was to have the front and rear wings operate using speed and the pitot tube reads air speed, when I get around to "studio" pictures will show those in position. My guesstimate is 190MPH top speed.
  6. Wanting information about a Carousel (brand I have never heard of) Lotus 38 Indy race car, 1/18 scale (weird scale for me). Met someone whose dad recently died, member of the model club let us know he had a collection. I have not seen it yet. From my search on eBay, it seems to be rare and expensive, holy cow! I told them it's the holy grail of the collection, I'm not taking advantage of them to steal it. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Rare-Race-Car-1960s-Lotus-Ford-Indy-500-Jim-Clark-F-1-18-Midget-Racer-Carousel/302706393139?hash=item467ab50033:g:NikAAOSwUEVYC71O
  7. The 1940 Miller mid-engine Indy car - variously known as the Gulf Miller or the Preston Tucker Special - is now on display at the Indy Museum with it's engine bonnet open . The car was a non-runner for many years and the subject of a long term Museum restoration. As you can see, I began to build me one - in 24th scale of course - [ we'll leave the 24th/25th scale debate for another time] these parts have sat quietly in this storage bin for several years - I was not satisfied with my suspension parts - and there were no contemporary photos of the engine bay ... The Dees Miller bible has great drawings and some famous black & whites - the shots of the engine are incredible but I'd sure like some good engine bay photos of the restored car and perhaps some more good shots of the driving compartment ... so ... those of you who live within a Firestones' throw of Indy - I have a request take me some pictures - post them her or send them to me - up to you I'll gladly pay your admit fee for the day !! now, hurry ! by the way - the wire wheels are Bradford's
  8. https://whulsey.smugmug.com/Cars/2013-06-29-Riverside/i-29Zd7Gv When I saw Ranchero Steve's photos of Gurney's cars from the Peterson, thought I'd post these for more info for reference. Not all the best shots since was a bit darker in there then I thought. Was going to get back out and rephoto some, then the money man behind the museum died and it eventually folded. Support your local museums!!! Also I posted photos from the Unser Museum a couple of months ago, think there are a couple of Eagles there also.
  9. https://whulsey.smugmug.com/Cars/2015-05-07-Unser-Racing-Museum/i-QVkcWGDhttps://whulsey.smugmug.com/Cars/2015-05-07-Unser-Racing-Museum/i-QVkcWGD Well I guess Pikes Peak would be an alternative since the Unser family about owned it for 30 or 40 years. Definitely worth a stop and I think I missed another building that had vintage cars and trucks in it. So need to get back over there again.
  10. Has anyone built Revell's Team Rahal's Shell Reynard CART car? I was thinking about getting one. Is it a decent kit? How about the AMT Indy Car kits? Are they any good? Thanks.
  11. Rudy2013

    Indy Car

    Found this kit last summer at a yard sale for 2 bucks decals where in bad shape but I was able to salvage a few of them
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