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glue bom save peterbilt 377

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some months ago [ almost 1,5 year ] i have buy a box for 15 euro

was already start with the cab and chassis

sleepercab was not to save , the cabsroof was very bad

so i have give him a high roof that i buy from f.s.models [ the are out of bussines , very sad ] and a backpanel from them

and now see how its looks






chassis wasnt not so bad

i think with a dumptrailer it wil look nice

but first sanding and make new window,s etc


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                 What you've done thus far looks good. I like the daycab filler panel. Looks good. I also agree with you on the gravel trailer. maybe that Euro one but with dual tires.

The more I look at that cab. The more I like it. Bit I would like to do it with a butterfly hood and pit fenders.



   Be Well



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after a lot of different projects have the peterbilt his paintjob

the winered must have just 1 to do , i think with this 2 tone color the crome bumper and visor looks good on it







i think for myself that a thin black stipe between the red and yellow-creme looks good ore...?

for a daycab with a dumper i need some hydraulic tank [ must have somewhere one ]


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after a long time i cal this gluebom done , new roof and backpanel [ it was in a very bad shape ] , it was give by someone that has try to build a model

i have save the chassis and put the fueltank,s out of my sparepartsbox and also the roof and backpanel , sleeper etc was so bad so thats in the trashcanarchief , picture




now i make a hydraulictank for put a dumptrailer behind it


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Nice save, Jacobus! Over here, a lot of over the road trucks, when they are traded in, or sold by the original owner, get turned into daycabs. A used daycab tractor is worth more than a used road tractor. If the fenders and skirts, over the boxes, were black, your model would look almost exactly like the truck I drove for a sand and gravel company, years ago. Pulled a dark blue, three axle, belly dump with it. Looks awfully familiar. Well done!

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