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1/18 Dodge Warlock build


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I plan to do my first attempt at a die-cast redo. There are a couple things I need to cover before I start the build post.

First and fore-most, I want to thank Jordan White for giving me the Warlock to make this build from. He also shipped it to me on his dime. I cannot thank him enough. It was very kind of him to do and it is something I intend to do for someone else.

Second, I am very anal when I build. That is why I got away from modelling. I want to keep adding features. I am going to try not to do that on this build so I don't just put it away and forget about it.

Third, there are a few things that I need. I would like to find the 5 slot mags (wheels/tires/backs) from the 1/18 Dodge Lil Red Truck die-cast. I plan to repaint the model and  also need someone who can make the gold decals in 1/18th. At present I do not have the 1/25th scale version of these decals for a decal maker to use for reference. I need to have them modified also (there are decals on the 1/25 sheet I don't want but there are things I want that aren't on it). If you have the wheels/tires/backs or can make the decals please PM me to discuss. I have stuff I can trade or ?

Fourth, I work a lot and I have a 1 to 1 scale project I am working on so I will post when I have some stuff worth posting. There may be delays.

OK then, let's get underway. I started on the interior. I am posting one of the reference pics I'm using. It's a '79 and my model is a '78 but I believe they are the same. I owned a '78 2wd Warlock "back in the day" and as of now this is the only way I can own one at the present time. I started by cutting off the seat frame to narrow it as there is more seat "over hang" than the model has. I also cut the arm-rest away. I was going to try to make the arm-rest move up and down but after spending hours trying to design it to work right I gave up. Too anal. I will glue it in the down position.

One thing that has struck me as being poor, the gas/brake and parking brake pedals are molded into the floor??? How cheap/cheesy is that? 1/24-1/25 usually at least have separate pieces attached to the dash!!! This issue will be rectified by my next post.








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Well now, it has been a while. I have wanted to get back into doing some type of modelling again. I had pulled out a few of the kits I have started, looked at them for about ten minutes then boxed them back up. The urge for finishing one just wasn't there.

I got the inspiration to restart this project. Been mostly painting stuff. My original post states that I'm anal so it could take a while. I've since decided to for-go most of the itzy-bitzy details I had planned. I'd rather get it finished. I ended up buying a complete Lil Red truck as my 1st post mentions I want to use it's wheels/tires. Being I have almost a complete spare truck and this is a die cast (which means all I have to do is remove screws), I can always go back and change things if I choose to do so. Lil Red has come in handy anyway. 

I started with it's frame and I cut the (fake) spare tire out and cleaned up the inner front fenders.

Most of what I've been doing is painting. I used the Warlock interior as the lower inner door panels will be correct although the rest was molded in red.

All paint is Dupli-color rattle can. I used a matte finish on everything (still gotta apply to intake manifold) except the oil pan. I made the gas and brake pedals. I know that the red on the engine isn't correct, it's what I had on hand.

Comments welcome, good or bad.

Pics would help huh?

warlock restart 001.jpg

warlock restart 002.jpg

warlock restart 003.jpg

warlock restart 004.jpg

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The part that has caused me the most consternation and has taken a lot of time (and I'm not done yet) is removing the cast in "ears" on the Warlocks bed. They are there to attach the up-pipe exhaust on the Lil Red truck. The wood panels from the "Red" aren't on the Warlock bed so if the Warlock bed was a different casting I wonder why they included them??? I haven't found a good way to remove them yet. I've gone slow so I don't gouge out too much. That and they are in a hard spot to get into.

As an aside, I seem to have only one step for the Warlock bed. The Lil Red bed steps have a hole and depression to attach the exhaust. The warlocks don't. If anyone has a spare step (or pair) let me know. We can work out a swap or ?


warlock restart 007.jpg

warlock restart 006.jpg

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I've gotten more done. Pretty much the frame and interior. I have some cleanup to do with the black on the side pipes. I used water based paint in the recesses this morning and I want to be sure it's dry.

The steering wheel will be higher. It mounts to the bottom of the dash panel. I will replace the air-cleaner when I find something better. I cut the ears off the stock one for now.

I'm still in need of decals. Anyone???

warlock restart 008.jpg

warlock restart 009.jpg

warlock restart 010.jpg

warlock restart 011.jpg

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