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Kicker for Faller super expert glue?

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I bought two grades of Faller super expert glue last year and am wondering if there is drying"kicker"available.I have their # 170490.I bought it basically because it has a hypodermic steel applicator.I use it mostly for sealing along seams of styrene panels.My only problem with the stuff is the snail's pace it dries at.It's my impatience that is the real root of the problem.Is anyone aware of an accelerator that works with this product?

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You might find this article helpful:  http://www.ipmsstockholm.org/magazine/2004/10/stuff_eng_tech_ca_glue.htm

Upon a little research, it seems that this glue is solvent based and not the CA type.  If so, it works by the solvent melting the plastic and as the solvent flashes off, the now welded pieces harden.   There is no way i know of to speed this up.

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I have not run into Faller CA (super) glue. But I have used their solvent cement for styrene.  Like others said, thhat glue dows not use an accelerator and only works on styrene and similar plastic.  And as far as accelerators go, all accelerators for CA glues work with all brands of CA glue.

If you aren't sure, give the glue a sniff test. CA has a very specific odor - If you even smelled CA glue you'll know what it is.

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