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250GT SWB 'Berlinetta'


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After a l-o-n-g gestation period, finally finished the Esci Ferrari. Definitely not my best work but whilst 50% of that is down to my lack of skills, the other 50% is down to the poor quality of the kit itself. That said, if you want an 'affordable' 1:24 'Berlinetta' on your shelf as much as I did, then this is pretty much the only way to go unless you are lucky enough to stumble upon an Italeri or Gunze kit.

Ok, enough yada, yada, yada on to the pics:












Thanks for taking the time to look, criticise and/or comment. Not sure what my next car build will be, but the Revell 458 Italia is looking very, very tempting, but then so is the AMT/Ertl '67 Comet !!




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First time I've seen this kit built-up, other than the hood it looks nice to me!  Q: did you lower the ride hight, or is that the way this kit came?  I like it!, usually kits have to be lowered to get the right look. I like this build, keep up the good work!!

No didn't lower the suspension - think that would be just 'wrong' on a Ferrari - The floor pan etc simply snuggled-in quite deep to the body shell, also explains how the hood was pushed-up to where it is now :unsure:



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