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1968 VW Hover Bug


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Here's my next hover vehicle. It's a 1968 vintage VW Beetle with some Diesel Punk flair. IMG_0837.thumb.JPG.dd46e0ceb17052c13da77dc7487ebd0a.JPGIMG_0839.thumb.JPG.8c2ee0531b56876afb58deb9ae91c116.JPG

I had planned to make a jet board (instead of a surf board) to go on the roof rack. This proved to be difficult, only because I can't seem to come up with a jet board that will match the ascetic of the car. For now it's just a cool roof rack that turned out 100% better than I had imagined!


I just finished this model about an hour ago. I quickly took some photos using a homemade cardboard light box. Got the photos on the computer and realized that I weathered everything on the model, except for the antennae and the frame of the license plate. These were the last two items that were scratch built today. In my excitement to finish, I forgot the weathering process.....I'll get some more photos up soon.


Under the front hood is the fuel tank and some random loose wires.


Under the engine cover........huge intakes.


Very fun build. Thanks for looking!





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Thank you for the comments! I got the final weathering done on the antennae and the license plate frame. I and added a few more decals. Unfortunately, I went a little too heavy on the window tint and the weathering of the windows. The interior is difficult to see.


However, the body is still able to be separated.


VW brothers!!


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