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Any body make an AMC gremlin straight 6 engine?

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See, that's a problem... there's never enough sixes and base fours around.

I think the aftermarket needs to start taking "base" more seriously. We need more base wheel covers, lower-end wheels and smaller engines so we can get some variety!

Think about it; you could have all kinds of coolness with 6 cyl Caprices (They did make those, didn't they?), 4 cylinder  Gen 3 F-bodies, etc. Now I'm getting turned on!

The Pacer's engine would be one of those things it'd be nice to have a handful of, that's for sure!

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That's cool about those guys making a 6 for the Gremmy!

I didn't now that!

The only advantage to the Pacer is when you buy it for the engine, you get a Pacer for free!! Can't be that, even if the engine is expensive. :P

Sorry... couldn't resist.

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1 hour ago, Casey said:

Don't forget AMT also released an AMC Pacer wagon kit which included the AMC inline six engine, too, pics of which can be viewed here: http://modelkitreviews.proboards.com/thread/149/amt-t219-pacer-custom-panel

Don't forget, too, that that was re-released recently (a couple of years ago) with FAR better tires (and what appear to be slightly cleaned up moulds) by Round 2!


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