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decal film vs decal bonder spray

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This is sort of related to a question...

What brand(s) decal sheet (paper) are people using (hopefully with an inkjet printer) and having great success?

I haven't had the best results with making my own decals, so any info. and/or tips would be great!


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On 12/16/2019 at 2:24 PM, Tom Geiger said:

I have exacto brand clear decal sheets made for the inkjet.  (note that there are two types of paper -  ink jet and laser)  I use the Testors decal spray on them with great results.  Put it on in thick coats,  if you go for a wet coat the ink will run

I have been buying the Bare Metal Foil brand clear decal sheets for the inkjet.  The film is very thin and can curl up.  I've learned to slide it off the backing onto the model to avoid this, and have been successful in patiently working out the curling with wet Q-Tips and tooth picks.  

One important thing when you are making your own decals is to make multiples of each image.  A few may not print satisfactorily. Some may run as you put your clear spray over them, and you are sure to ruin a few installing them!  

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Have made a number inkjet decals recently and found this thread. Suggestions: Print decals and let dry 24 hours. When spraying Testors #9200 decal bonder, lay a mist coat and let it dry 3 minutes. Lay a second WET coat and let the decals dry 48 hours. The ink doesn't run, and the decal is pretty resilient to even rough handling. One drop of dish soap in a small bowl of warm water permits you to slide the decal around for exact placement. Use Q-tips to to tamp down the decal and wick up the excess water.

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