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Ford 32 roadster 1/8 custom

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Hi, I'm Roberto from Italy (sorry for my english) . I'm a not a expert  builder but I have more passion ?, my method is not perfect and sometimes are raw but I enjoy. Ok, a few years ago I bought this model on ebay, but it was incomplete. every now and then I looked for what was missing but in Italy the pieces are impossible to find and therefore I took in the usa. now because Covid quarantine Ihave time to assemble it and show you my work. I decided to modify the model to make it a salt lake car. This is the beginning







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For the engine I  don't like the original solution, I did not find them suitable for a racing car. for this reason I chose to mount a volumetric compressor taken from a lindberg kit (I think) and adapted three carburettors. 





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I want to equipped my racer with front moon eyes tank, but how can do? Simply! Take a tube from glue roll stick, one ball fron christmas decoration, cut, paste, use wheel lock nut for cap and..the results is:



IMG_20200427_173447 - Copia.jpg

IMG_20200427_191411 - Copia.jpg




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20 minutes ago, Phildaupho said:

WOW Roberto that is quite the project. I like where this is heading and I will be following when your post likely gets moved the Big Boyz section.


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