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Toyota GR Supra

Rich Chernosky

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 For the last 10 yrs I have had this custom of finishing a project on New Years day. It takes some planning but I manage. This years candidate is Tamiya's Toyota GR Supra in 1/24 scale.  Colour chosen was Alclad Holomatic Spectral chrome which was sprayed over Tamiya TS-55 dk blue. Clear coat was Krylon latex clear. Interior was done with Mr Color #70 blue, Mr Color #328 blue  and Mr Color  #182 flat clear.  This kit was a joy to do. The fit and finish of the parts was amazing.  I would highly recommend this kit to anyone.  See the photo  captions for extra details on this build.  Thanks for looking. DSC07174.JPG.003f100567621c71c5846651c0f6a85d.JPG

This is one of my favorite interiors. I had a flocking that matched the light blue quite nicely.

DSC07175.JPG.f8afc60727ac9b4b578da551fc78511f.JPGThese seats were in multiple parts and helped create the paint division lines.

DSC07177.JPG.2f13b693090e534a93c9fb243ec85647.JPGI don't usually take a picture of the chassis, but Tamiya went to so much trouble to extra detail I thought it was worth seeing. The rear ind alone was 16 pieces

DSC07178.JPG.e96507e9c2a44ea7804ae046763f29b6.JPG Finished car on its wheels.  The fit of the glass in particular was awesome. I usually sweat over installing the glass and Tamiya made it easy peazy

DSC07179.JPG.0da9867fd0a057bfb4c89e09d5470e78.JPGQuite a bit of detail work went into the rear of this car.  The chrome emblem in the kit was a nice touch.

DSC07180.JPG.0dc8d08053c0ce5fa905054087e476d1.JPGThe wheels and tires on this kit are something else.  The black spokes were a separate insert  and fit like a glove. 



This photo doesn'rt do justice to the headlight treatment. Many pieces just to keep it accurate. 

DSC07008.JPG.1be186b65bc7fdd3b58491b87bbc5c61.JPGThis photo was taken back in June while the clear coat cured in the sun. It give the best idea of how chromatic this paint is. Krylon Latex clear takes a couple months to cure before it can be sanded and polished. This was painted several times before I found a clear that would not distort the very thin metallic finish of Alclad.  Krylon now makes this finish as Lo-Odor clear. 

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