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Cox Chapparal needs headlite plastic -- original owner, also Scarab

W Humble

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I'm the original owner of a Cox Chaparral, and want to get it out of storage on display with my kits.  Only a few race nites, and a goof put his bare chassis on my lane -- backwards, oc -- and it busted out one headlite shield.  Any ideas for sources of the OEM kind?

Also, have c.1959 Strombecker Scarab battery 'slot' that after 60 years I'm converting to a display model; engine, etc.  Still have the original decals intact (how brittle will they be?!) but need to find source for nice Halibrands in resin or 3D, one has a broken 'bead'. 

Also, anyone know of a source for the Firestone-style road-racing tires from the 1940-50s?  I had so many, incl Monogram -- natural rubber... all gone now.    Old (76) Wick

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Depending on what version of the Chaparral you have replacement parts can be found at the Parts Box located in Australia


I've ordered from them pre pandemic with no issues (other than sometimes lengthy shipping times) and the quality is very nice. Otherwise you my want to look at various slot racing forums, The Slot Blog and Slot Forum are some of the better ones for vintage slot stuff as far as information.

As for tires, you might find something appropriate at IndyCals 


As the name suggests mostly open wheel stuff but they do reproduce some early Indy and sports racing tires in resin that may work for you on the Scarab (nice kit BTW)

Hope this helps!




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Thanks!  I may try those guys; it's a pretty small piece (pass-side 'headlight running light lense')  but really is noticable  My car is till pretty sweet, (1/24, I think $8.98) put away in 1966 in the original box; decals numbers (66) have yellowed, but otherwise nice shape, Jim Hall figure and all.  I read in a slot-car mag that you could mount the rear tires on the front, and replace rear with aftermarket, so I did -- dunno what happened to the original fronts!  Loved the way the originals won -- with Chevrolet!

My little bro got the Lotus 30, which I built for him -- nice to build -- but I think he wore his out  racing it; he might have it stored, but the next millenium will arrive before he unpacks his storage units! I was impressed that COX was a sponsor.

Tires: Indycals -- I bought a set, but they are a smaller scale and look skimpy on really old kits, plus spendy.  I had asked forum some time back for resources, and that was about it.  I'll try yours asap.  Trying to restore -- and finish -- a lot of 3-in-1 kits that I bought about 1959-up; the Chaparral was one of the last until recently.  I'm adapting/scratchbuilding two 'phantom' Harry A. Miller roadsters and a twin-V-16 Cad streamliner for prewar dry lakes/Bonneville, as new projects.  Thx!

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One idea, check with Randy at Model Builders Warehouse.  He carries the HRM line.  Not original parts but better.  HRM has a kit based on the COX Chaparral and may be able to work something out for the headlight lens.  HRM also has a set of Halibrands and tires for the Scarab.  Not replicas of the Strombecker parts, but they look better.  Might find some other things that you like there as well.

link - Hobby car model kits and supplies - Model Builders' Warehouse (modelbuilderswh.com)

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Thanks!  Actually, I bought a set of those a couple of years ago, and put them on my old Monogram Avanti (with the 'stock' 396 bbs) but thought they were kinda narrow, though nicely molded.  I have to learn resin and get a mold pulled for the Strombeckers; then I can widen some so the rears are bigger than the fronts on the Scarab.  Photo searching; Reventlow and Daigh didn't seem to build two Scarabs the same, really.  Wish I could see more detail in his photos.  I'll order something soon.

Mine is pretty good; I was in love with the Devin SS in 1960, didn't know it was pulled from a Scagliatti Ferrari body, and built the kit that way.  Whatever iteration it was, the thing was a dream to admire from any angle.  I didn't even use the mags, but put on chrome-reverse rims, ww's, and spider caps.  Oh well... sixty years hence!  I wonder if I could PAY someone to cast the darn things for me (he could keep his molds, oc) and maybe rep the big road-race tires too?  

Nice of you to take time to help me!  The forum folk are the best!  Wick

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Me, too! But they are progressing!  I want to get my 1939 M-B GP car V-12 (Hawk model, O-L-D!) resin copied as a basis for a Miller V-12 DOHC street machine; may adapt it to other 'phantoms'.  Anybody want to take the job for recompense?  Be a nice mold set to have on hand!


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Wow, thinking about Cox cars and planes takes me way back.  BTW I grew up in north east Sacto near McClellan AFB.  Played football against Woodland, Yuba city and Davis - never quite made it up to Chico but it was a great place to grow up back in the 70s if you like fishing, hunting, drinking and screwing 😄

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  • 2 years later...

"Two girls for every boy" at Chico State College, formerly Chico Normal School as they called teacher's colleges.  The claim was made for that ratio, and since I was only looking for ONE, I found her in '67 -- together ever since.  Ironic: she was from my little tiny home town, Alturas, and we'd never met because I was graduated before she was a freshman -- tho I'd seen her, as a HS cheerleader!  OC, we used to go visit our MUHS pals at Sac State and Davis to party!

CSC was also supposedly in the top ten party schools nationwide; could have been!  The now defunct 'Pioneer Week' was pretty out of hand, or got that way in the '70s, and was banned.  Prob good you missed that, John!  Anyhow, our Cox slots were pretty hard to beat in the Alturas slot racing world; just putting on better tires put you among the top dogs, in a town of 3K -- and still is!

A cheap plug: I've written six novels about growing up in a small, rural Western town on Kindle; the A Place On Mars series, and they're full of adventure, music, cars, and slang -- though could be only rated PG.  Cheap.  Just search by my name on Amazon.  Also, the non-fiction book "How to Restore Your Datsun Z-Car', c. 1990 also on Amazon.  Shameless self-promotion, huh?    Wick Humble

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