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chris chabre

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hey guys, anyone versed in BZ cars? I ended up with this and I'd like to research some accurate information on it. I'm not selling it BUT I'd also like to know value as I've heard/seen all kinds of numbers...


I dont need another hobby, but In doing some prelim research, I've seen some really killer stuff that I'd love to collect but I'd like to go about it responsibly 







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Looks like our typical 60’s slot car and the body was later used by LS (Japanese model maker) to produce a simplistic kit.   The front wheels look pretty small.   That’s my guess but Gramps46 and others would probably know for sure.  For some reason prices for old slot cars are very high despite Revell/Monogram making very accurate 1/32 slot cars along with Scalextric and Fly in the last few decades.  I guess people want what they cannot easily find.

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thanks! That lines up with what I've found as well. Im told this one appears all stock. I've found individual piece pricing but none complete. 


I think my new goal is to find a clean Banshee and a piece of track to display them on together

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