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Last weekend I made my first visit to a Lego/brick store, Brickmania, in Northeast Minneapolis. They not only sell Lego bricks, but other brands as well. This is where I got my first exposure to the COBI brand of building bricks. Right away I saw these car kits by COBI, that actually looked somewhat like the cars they are suppose to represent when they are done. Plus they were much more reasonably priced than the Lego brand of building bricks vehicles and cars. Since I like odd cars, and one of the cars was a Citroen 2CV from the 1960’s, I had to buy it. Well I had so much fun building it, and I liked the end results, I ran back down to Brickmania today and picked up the other two Citroen 2CVs COBI makes. 

So here they. They are in 1/35th scale. And they represent a pretty good spread of the history of the Citroen 2CV. The Grey one is a first year of the 2CV. A 1949 2CV type A. The second one, the Blue one, is a 1962 2CV type AZ. The third, the Yellow and Black one, represents a 1980 2CV Charleston. They very are fun kits to build. They take about a half an hour to 45 minutes each to build. I like that they come with a brick/plaque you can set by each car, telling you what it is (the Fokker DR1 “Red Baron” I build last weekend, also comes with such a brick/plaque). In addition the same basic information is given on the front and back of each car, in the form of license plates and other badges. 

They make a couple Fiat 500 Abarths, both vintage and modern, I may have to pick up next. I like the COBI Citroen 2CVs that much. 












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On 8/10/2022 at 8:54 AM, drodg said:

That is great.  I have built numerous Legos in the past few years.  Kind of a filler hobby with model cars and they are much cleaner to build with no paint or glue.  I really like these and interesting subjects.  


On 8/10/2022 at 11:19 PM, bisc63 said:

Love the funky styling on these cars, and the models are pretty neat in that they don't obviously give away their construction style. You are becoming their biggest flag-waver! Carry on!

I’m glad you guys like these kits. Thank you. 

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