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Injected Nitro Funny Car

John B.

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Hi, all;

Sorry I've been away for awhile; I've been busy remodeling the kitchen. Now that it's almost completed (it needs to be templated for quartz countertops), I can get back to this project. The chassis is nearly completed and the Mustang body is coming along nicely. I hope to have everything completed in the next couple of weeks. Thanks for looking and comments welcome.




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Hi, All;

The car as seen here is completed. I'll polish it up a bit and post it in the Drag Racing section in the next day or so. Many thanks to those who stopped by for a look and especially those of you who left a comment. They were very inspirational.

I'll be posting a new WIP shortly. Thanks again!






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7 hours ago, Straightliner59 said:

Congrats on finishing it. Looks very cool! I love that it's something different than a blown fuel FC.

Thanks - I really appreciate it. Your dragster is a benchmark for workmanship that I will strive for in future projects.

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2 hours ago, Ian McLaren said:

A nice clean well executed model and as Daniel said , something a little different. The detail work on the chassis and in particular the engine is great.  I'll be watching for your next project.

Thank you very much - I'm learning a lot just from observing your Camaro build as well as Daniel's dragster. I'll be posting my next project soon.

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