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Here's one more for the workbench. Weather is good and I'm on a roll. This is the Polar Lights Snap-it kit. The body had some pin marks in the top and mold lines on the front and rear fenders. The engine cover also had some sink marks but I filled them and also filled the one pin mark on the top. The paint is Dupli-Color Super Red II.  I am not going to do the white billboards on the sides or the scallops on the hood. The photo makes the paint look a little orange but believe me it is Super RED. It won't take too long to rub out. I'll also paint the other parts and have this one ready for assembly. Thanks for looking! 😎





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Thanks, Carl! I am using the last cans of Brite Touch which is a generic  brand made by Sherwin-Williams that was sold by O'Reilly and Advance Auto parts. I was told by the counter guy at Advance that they weren't going to carry it any more. O'Reilly also is out of stock and they don't know why. I guess even though the price has gone from less than $5 per 10 oz. can to now $9.99 Sherwin-Williams still can make it. I got the last 5 cans out of the Advance warehouse according to the counter guy. I've got 3 cans left but not sure what I use after that is gone. 

I rubbed out the beetle and attached the hood and engine cover. It was some work doing that and getting them adjusted. The hood still doesn't sit down all the way and there is bit of a space in the engine cover when closed. That is all I am dong for now while I move on to painting other bodies. Thanks for looking! 😎




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Thanks, MrMike! I appreciate your comment! I also built the Revell kit a couple of years ago. 


I'm back on this one as it has been raining for a week so I'm glad I had some time earlier to paint several kits. I installed the window glass (all one piece snap-in) and am in the process of foiling the window trim now. I painted the interior black and will detail and install it next. This kit is suppose to be a Snap kit but I am going to glue most of it. its a pretty simple kit but does have quite a few parts. Here's a photo of progress so far:


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Thanks, Carl! I appreciate your comment! 

I finished the foil and then completed step 1 which was to install the dash/steering wheel and trunk floor. Not an easy task and couldn't be completed as a snap-tight assembly by a 12 year old.  I removed one of the snap assembly receivers behind the steering wheel and then glued in the dash assembly and snapped the rest of the trunk floor in place. I'm not sure that it is completely straight but that's as good as its gonna get!

The interior assembly was pretty much straight forward but I enlarged the holes for the stick shift and parking brake and glued them in instead of breaking them trying to snap them in. The engine assembly was a bear and couldn't be done according to the instructions so I assembled it with the engine in place and worked the other pieces in around it. 

Some of the body pieces are attached now and I will have to finish it up in the morning. Its quite exhausting! Thanks for looking! 😎







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