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Custom 1941 Plymouth

Joe Handley

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The paint fogged a bit, I’m going to try and wet sand it to see if that will clear that upE9D25557-C8C0-4471-9B82-CC921A28DC4D.thumb.jpeg.4d09dee61849aa9b37432a6a07385f7a.jpeg5B52B1DC-ECC3-4000-BC25-33FC3BACEE7A.thumb.jpeg.c76938f404a25905de1f0bc7137c504c.jpeg348E7E28-F6F2-49C5-9CB9-0B608F30C7F1.thumb.jpeg.bf6607a01114df959e68bd453d2b4eb4.jpeg 

also did the chrome on the dash, column, and wheels then tried to flock the tub…….


I need to work on that though



I will put the interior together and probably be able to finish assembly tomorrow night after work.

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1 hour ago, redscampi said:

From here it looks like you have plenty to be proud of. Nice looking mild custom!


I’m just wishing I had given myself more time, especially when it was warm out, to do this. Cold winter weather in Chicago and doing most of this on my lunch breaks and after work the last week before it needed to be done really affected the paint.

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The Plymouth and Dad’s Maxwell made it to the table tonight!27065174-6E9C-4B2D-9523-0C3F2CB0325C.thumb.jpeg.eb56bfb1d529941157f0342e7e8ca872.jpeg

they’re both going to see revisions later on, but that Maxwell was almost all done in the last week and you’ve all seen what I did on mine this week.  I’m going to try and get outside pics of mine on my 200 and post those in the finished section once we get some daylight on a weekend.

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