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Grumpy's Toy IX '72 Vega reference photos?

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Anybody know where I can find some good reference pics of the 1:1 car?  A quick search shows me lots of photos of the body,  but that's about it.   There seem to be plenty of shots of the '74, but not much for the '72.

Specifically,  I'm looking for pictures of the interior,  engine bay,  and undercarriage if possible. 

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Thanks everyone for your replies!   Some really great leads on information and awesome pictures here.   

As you can tell,  one of my side projects is the mpc version of this car.   This info will be invaluable when it comes time to start painting. 

Now then,  do I go with white sides, or the red sided car...?👍


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The red sided car was only used a short ammount of time and was crashed, and in 1973 only as I understand it.
All the pictures of it I have seen the red sided car has Pro 3 on it and in the 1972 season he had Pro 100.

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