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1991 Harry Gant Skoal Bandit Oldsmobile


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This one is box stock from the Monogram Dinner Bell kit with Powerslide decals.  For the finish, I used MCW paints.  I had to create the roof and trunk lid decals to match closer to the MCW green.  The body was pretty twisted out of the box so I had some work to do to get it back into shape.  Click on the pictures for a bigger view.

20230205-094911.jpg 20230205-094918.jpg 20230205-094933.jpg 20230205-094940.jpg 20230205-094947.jpg 20230205-095009.jpg 20230205-095018.jpg 20230205-095044.jpg 20230205-095056.jpg 20230205-095142.jpg 20230205-095159.jpg 20230205-095210.jpg 20230205-095418.jpg 20230205-095434.jpg 20230205-095501.jpg 20230205-095631.jpg 20230205-095652.jpg 20230205-095713.jpg 20230205-095801.jpg 20230205-095820.jpg 20230205-095831.jpg 20230205-095847.jpg 20230205-095910.jpg 20230205-095934.jpg 20230205-095943.jpg 20230205-100015.jpg 20230205-101620.jpg

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Excellent job as always, Randy. Mr. September Oldsmobile. Probably the most important car Gant drove. I don't know why more of these models are not built.  Yours is the best I've seen.

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