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2023 BRGB 70's Kenworth W 900

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Plan to build a mid 70's KW 900 heavy hauler using the steel front from the AMT kit and the cab and sleeper from the Revelll kit and other parts box KW parts. The remainder of the truck will be aftermarket and parts I will build. Started by converting 7/16 fine line i beam to channel for the frame rails and added the AMT radiator drop and front cross member.


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Got started yesterday. Took Dr. Dremel to the radiator surround and opened the front and added the radiator core from the amt kit. Did the same with the grille and put the slats back in flush since I may put a winterfront on. Built a new box bumper rather than try and fix the kit one. Added sissy sticks and built a new tow ring. Cleaned up the moose guard and got rid of the hooks.



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Got the front axle on. Metal axle, Italeri spindles and plates, brass tie rod and ujoints. Engine mounts built and engine leveled to fit radiator . Using a Cat 3408. Surprised by the small parts count. It needs some more components. Battery box cleaned up.



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Built cab mounts, some Kenworth crossmembers and some others to hold the rear suspensions. Got part of the 5th wheel built primarily to hold the frame together since nothing is glued. Basis interior is started. All this is enough to get the cab, hood and radiator level. Next is cutting the hood and building hood slats and the cab cowl.




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