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1967 StingRay Vette!


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I agree, a bit thick, and some detail lost, but it looks very good. The lines that are blurred look intentional, and the whole car has a cool glossed over look...might have to try this technique. Hope you enjoy dusting your interior w/o windows! Hah..very cool though.

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Nice body lines. It blends well together.

In regards to your paint job Krylon sells a paint called Fusion "Mystic Prism Effect" that does just about the same thing. You spray on a base coat-usually Gloss Black, then spray the Fusion over it. I used it on the Supercoupe below and it looks great in the sun light.




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Looks nice, but it's not really "finished" until it gets some windows!

Consider making some. There is clear flat and curved plastic all around us, as well sold in hobby shops. I think you need about a .010 thickness (don't quote me on that- I'm REAL bad with numbers)

If you can get inside the body, just make a paper pattern, transfer it to the plastic, cut, and glue with clear epoxy or white glue. Tape it in place until the glue sets. Protect the clear surfaces from glue smudge by covering the open area with Post-It notes cut to size.

Piece of cake! :(

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