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57 chevy custom


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hi guys !!!

after much shopping problems with the original color of the eleanor the kit must wait for a while.

in this time i started the next project.

it comes from this kit:


because I have two kits of the 57er chevys warehouse in place, this time a discreet custom chassis with a modified version u wheels.

so about me, I lowered the stance




the rims are the original front wheels from another kit. the rear, I have changed u made them with my late about aluminum.


about painting i think orange - white i will use??? and for a big motor for the custom i also must look.

greets juergen

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Hey Jurg, waz up?? Good ta see ya back at it! Sure is ALOT more peaceful than chasein bad guys eh? This ones got that "look" to it already. Must be the stance.It even looks aggressive! Bet it'll be just as cool as the rest Daddy-O.

What color you thinkin on? The wheels look good, a nice coat of color should do wonders for it! Keep us posted on this one Jurg, It'll be GREAT!!! :(:angry:

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hi guys !!!

- george my dear friend - it´s time to work on with this after long working on my house, garden and so on....

the paint job on the body is done. sanding and polishing are the next steps.


the interieur is also ready.



i hope you like the design and the color - compo?

greets juergen

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hi !!!

@zukiholic: i take this color combo because it´s something you don´t see every day - you are right !!!

thanks for the compliments !!!

i take the wood edges to look for the stance - its very simple and easy and helpfull for me.

greets juergen

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That 57 is looking great. I Love the color combo and the mods that you did to the wheels. It has a perfect stance.

I'm still plugging away on my 68 Firebird. I'm waiting on some good reference shots from you. LOL :D


hi !

thanks!!! ok i will shot some pics for you from my bird. i hope i have time tomorrow for this, ok?

greets juergen

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I don't know Juergen I can't tell if I really like it. I think you need to send it to me so I can have a closer inspection. No really, that is really fantastic. Like everyone said, the color, the wheels, the stance. You really have a great style. Great job. Keep'em comin!!!!!!

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