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'32 Ford 5 window.......finished.........*PICS*..........


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As you can see, I stirred in some parts from other kits. I picked up a tip from Tim Boyd, and used the tires from the Good Guys highboy deuce roadster, The rears are bigger and the fronts are smaller. I also took the flathead from Revell's 2dr sedan kit, along with some photoetch from Model Car Garage






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Very nice build! :) This is the first completion I've seen since the initial deliveries to the LHS market. You obviously took this toward the old-school side, very appropriate for the five-window body. The hairpins and new taillights really underscore this side of the kit. Of course the flattie doesn't hurt either! And a p/e grill is a virtual must with these kits IMHO! Nice idea to "sell" this feature with the license plate showing through the grill! But the overall success of this build underscores a constant weakness in this series of kits, the modern wider width of the wheels, regardless of style - they already made the Kelsey Hayes wires on the sedan questionable, and hurt the steelies on this kit. I'm sure many builders will ditch the kit wheels when going old-school!

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...the issue at this point i see with the new steelies is not the rims themselves, but the kit supplied tires. those wheels in the 1:1 world are only 5 inches wide i believe. placed into modern tires that are much wider it gives them an awkward look. ... i can only imagine at this point that swapping a set of Revell/Monograms wide whitewalls from one of thier 50's car kits would make a massive improvement in appearance if someone wants to use the steelies.

the '32 sedans Kelsey Hayes suffer from the same poor tire problem. ...

Interesting point. I'll try it since otherwise I will accumulate a lot of rather useless wheels.

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That is a nice clean build. I, too, like the PE grille and the flattie. Good job.

BTW- Does anyone who has this kit want to trade the engine off? I have a need for it. I am willing to make a trade to get it. E-mail me, please with what you would be looking for.


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