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1941 Chevy Pick Up

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hi guys!!!

after the finish from my impala - i get the next model to built.


i order´d from scale equipment ltd steelies with deep trim rigs and baby moons. they looks pretty good on the homepage.

but real i must see that the deep trim rigs are not so nice i think. so i turn´d on my late and take them new out of aluminum.

here is the pic:

on the right side the original. left and in the middle are the rims i made with different deap for the front and rear.


so they looks out when they are finished:


and that style i want´s to built:




happy modelling !!!:)

greets juergen

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Well Jurg, you DID say you built more in the winter, I guess you weren't jokein!!! I like that ol "If they ain't right, I'll fix them" attitude! That's the mark of a true modeler! But then again you've shown me just WHAT a TRUE modeler you REALLY are! I look forward to seein this Bad Boy take shape! You GO Daddy-O!!! :):D:o

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hi !!!

@george: hi my friend from the good old usa !!! thanks for your so nice comment. i hope the truck come to the right bad boy look you mean;-) yes the winter let me built some more and i hope the results are ok???

@Modlbldr: what rims do you need ??? there are so much different. the deep, the diameter and so on.

greets juergen

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hi guys !!!

whow so nice from you that post´s. i´m happy you like the wheels and the style.

after any time of posing - i think the truck looks a little bit aggressive with a top chop.

so i do it and this is the look of the cap now:


greets juergen

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ooohhhh man !!!!

so many nice comments ! thanks and i´m lucky that you like the color.

now i can finished the loading area. i take this with real wood veneer painted with clear coat. the chrom angle and chrom profil was made about styrene painted with alclad and detailed with 1 mm rivet´s.


greets juergen

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