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1966 Ford Mustang fastback - Year One replica

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This project got its start in November 2004. It is long overdue for completion and I decided to do something about it. It is a replica of the famous Year One "Boss Hoss" Mustang. Here's a pic of the real one.


I started with a mostly unbuilt, nearly mint, AMT 1966 Mustang fastback kit. I began by removing the emblems from the body and adding a rear spoiler from an AMT 1968 Shelby GT500.




I just love cutting up vintage styrene!!! :rolleyes:

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The 1:1 is powered by a 4.6L DOHC Mod motor with a supercharger. The kit I started with was missing the chassis, so I went with one from an AMT 1966 Mustang coupe kit. The engine came from the AMT Phantom Vicky kit.


The headers from the AMT 1988 Ford Mustang GT were a perfect fit. I modified the intake to mimic the look of the supercharged engine from the 1:1 by moving the throttle body to the rear of the intake.


Here's my engine sitting under the hood. See how it "looks" like the 1:1.



More to come...

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I'm using the old fashioned metal axle chassis, but I did remove the molded in fuel tank and tailpipes on the original. I replace the floor pan with a piece from the AMT 1988 Mustang and added a fuel tank from the parts box. I'll add aluminum tubing exhaust later.


A resin teardrop hood from PSF Hobbies will cover the engine.


Now, on to the interior. Here's a pic of the 1:1.


First thing I did was remove the console from the interior tub.


Then, I scratchbuilt a roll bar. The 1:1 has a six-point cage and no back seat. I went with four and kept the back seat for ease of build.


I made a custom gauge panel.


Front seats are Recaros from the 1988 Mustang with the headrest removed.



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Here's what it looked like three nights ago when I got it out of the box. It is in primer right now and almost ready for paint. The blue you see on the interior is the same Tamiya TS-44 Brilliant Blue that will grace the body. The seats and interior tub was shot with Testors Dullcote to flatten. Wheels are Pegasus Helas, 23" on the rear and narrowed 19" fronts with Revell tuner tires.


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Painted the body tonight with Tamiya TS-44 Brilliant Blue. The 1:1 was painted with Ford Azure Blue that was used on the 2004 Mustang Mach 1. I am amazed how close the colors are in pics.



Pretty close, huh?



After a night in the dehydrator, I'll mask the body and paint the top of the fenders and doors with Tamiya TS-14 Gloss Black.


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Hey Marc your really doing some really great work on this one. Your catching some great details aside from the Year One build. That blue sure does look good already. great seats. You know that I have been collecting parts for the exact same build. Hopefully one day soon I will get mine done. Keep up the great work and keep us posted. Can't wait to see this one at the model meeting. Great job.

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Spent the evening applying Scale Motorsport CF decal to the Mustang's teardrop hood.


I made templates from 3M blue tape over the weekend.


The decals are over six years old and were very brittle. I had to patch a few spots but it should look fine after I clearcoat the hood.


I feel confident in the clearcoat as I did this six years ago on a Cuda AAR hood.


It's not perfect but I'm happy with the outcome.


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Monday night, I applied all the Scale Motorsport CF decals on the Mustang's teardrop hood. They were brittle and nearly every piece broke while I was applying them. I had to patch a couple of spots too. Tuesday night, I applied six or seven coats of Tamiya TS-13 clear and baked overnight in the dehydrator. Wednesday night, I wetsanded with 4000 grit Micro Mesh and applied four more coats of TS-13. Here are some pics from the paint booth.



I think after another night in the dehydrator and another round of wetsanding and a final round of TS-13, I'll be able to call it done. I've put enough paint on it to cover most of the flaws and smooth them out with the wetsanding. Needless to say, I am very pleased with the outcome.


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After last night's wetsanding and four more coats of Tamiya TS-13 clear, I wetsanded and polished the hood again. It still needs waxed but here it is on the Mustang. Now, it's time for me to clear the body so I can mask off the grille surround, rear sail panel vents and taillight panel and paint them flat black like the 1:1.


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