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Help with a name for my drag car

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I saw Ben's post about graphics so I thought I would do the same.

My dad and I race nostalgia type super stocks. He has a 63 Chevy Biscayne named "Bis-Quick"

Like the pancake mix...

We are close to finishing my 65 Comet two door post (not a Caliente) and I need a name...

It is going to be a white car like his, (I recently did a model of his car)

You guys have some of the best imaginations I know of, so give me a winner.

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What color is the car? That might help with the creativity.

Also, below is a link to a list of periodic comets (scientific) if you want a name that plays on the Comet nameplate. Scroll through the list and maybe you will see something creative that strikes interest. Bear in mind, the list is quite long.


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The car is going to be Wimbledon white with some red trim around the side glass and "ReevesRacing" on the top rear quarters like my dad's car.

Here is a picture I took last fall. The chassis is done (tubs, ladder bar rear, narrowed 9 inch, cage and sub frame connectors) The engine is in and the transmission is going in next week. Once it runs and and can move on its own power we are going to do the body work (rear quater patches) and paint it. I have a friend who does vinyl graphics. He did the graphics for dad's car and is going to do mine.

Ben, you have come up with some good ones, thanks a bunch bro! Keep 'em coming!


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Those are some good ones, thanks guys.

My son came up with Comet-kaze in a font that looks like Japanese lettering.

I named my dads car, and we knew it was right as soon as we found it on line.

Nothing has struck me yet for mine.

I was a auto tech for 18 years so I thought about "The Mechanic" like a hit man.

Keep 'em coming.

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