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Chrome help

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Hey all, I am just looking for some other alternatives to a Chrome look using a brush. Alclad is not an option right now, and I was told the metalizer paint should also be sprayed on. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks. Don..

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What are you wanting to paint with chrome paint? If you are hoping to duplicate the look of chrome plating in a paint, it's not going to happen. I use Tamiya acrylic chrome silver to paint small details. Alclad chrome when airbrushed looks good on small parts, less so on bumpers, etc. I was an early user of Alclad but I have since switched to having parts I want to be "chrome" sent out for chrome plating.

There is no paint that really duplicates the look of chrome.


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Foil can make an acceptable "chrome" on long, straight things like side spears and window surrounds, but trying to "chrome" something like a bumper is going to be a problem, because foil won't really go around compound curves very well. You'll inevitably get wrinkles. Like the guys say, if you want a real "chrome" look, the only way to get it is to have the part plated. There is really no paint available that looks like chrome plating. Alclad is probably the closest, but requires an airbrush and also a fair amount of skill to apply. And even then, it looks more like polished aluminum than "chrome," IMO.

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Thanks for all the replys!

I guess I should have specified... It is just for some small engine parts. I plan on using silver paint, but was just seeing my other options.

As always, thanks for the quick replys and information!


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