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There are many fine tutorials available for car modelers, quite a few of them authored by members of this forum. I wouldn't know how to pull them into one forum or pinned section, or think that anyone has the time to do so. However, there is a site that I frequently return to in order to refresh my understanding of basic and successful approaches to model building. This is italianhorses.net, a site run by Alex Kustov, who is a master modeler of 1/24 Ferrari kits. His tips apply to any car model, though. There are any number of ways to accomplish what he shows, but these are good suggestions. At this site, you will find heavily illustrated, expert tutorials on the following:

• Making your tires look more realistic
• Building a photo booth for under $20
• Using photoetched parts
• Building a display case for under $15
• Using real leather for interiors
• Making window cranks and door handles
• Making realistic vented brake rotors
• Using foil for window trim
• Using flocking for carpeting and floor mats
• Detailing headliners
• Making flexible hoses and brake ducts
• Primer, painting, polishing and waxing
• Making realistic fan and drive belts
• How to make window masks
• How to make realistic seat belts
• How to enhance kit seats
• How to use washes to accent panel lines


Also, if you look at his build journals, found on his home page, you'll see that each one is a tutorial in itself.

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Fantastic tutorials. What's amazing is that I read through his floor mat tutorial, and I built my floor mats almost the exact same way! I just didn't use wire for the trim which in retrospect, I probably should have as it would have made bending the sheets much easier. (I had bent my sheet, then had to cut angles in the trim which I also made out of styrene sheet). Here's a poor quality photo of the mats I made, as well as one of the seat belt buckles I made for the 1988 1/16 Corvette Convertible kit.


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