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Resin Mustang Lx's a Comparison and Review thread.

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Yes I believe so, the number I have is 410 768 three6four8 He asks that you call between 9am-5pm M-F EST I believe. Someone correct me if I am wrong, please.

Also I think you can place your order via email his email is replmincomd@aol.com . If you want to place an order that way?

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Hey guys, I'm getting back into the modeling deal, it's a tough game to stay focused in, haha. I came upon this thread in my search for a Mustang Coupe body. What I do may interest some of you and some of you may be bored to death by it. I build Fox Body 1/24th scale versions of local racers Mustang Mini Stocks. Some of you may or may not know that many racers choose to use the Coupe Mustang as from what I'm told, "it handles better" than it's Hatchback brother. Herein lies the problem. I have currently been taking the 93 Cobra kit and making it resemble a coupe by altering the C pillars. See link below.


As intrigued as I am by the currently available coupe body, I have never worked with resin and wouldn't know the first place to start. Does anyone know what the scale of the MAD coupe body is? because if I get one, and I plan on it real soon if its the right scale, I need to put the 87-93 nose on it to accurately depict the model year that I have to build. Any help at all would be awesome. Thanks guys!

-Glen Thomas

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Here is my site www.madmodeling.com It lists everything that come in the kit. The hood is included. This is a transkit intended to use the AMT 87-88 as the donor. If you are builing a race car and, do not need everything in the kit (say the interior parts) Pm or, email me. We can work out a price according to what parts you need.

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This thread is very interesting, if revell does come out with the. Coupe - I'm going to try my best to make some sail panels for it to make 79-86 versions, right now I've been scooping up all the older mpc fox kits, only able to get one pace car so far :( have a couple wild breeds ( have ss) molded in the body insted of 5.0 a couple turbo cobras, a couple snake bites, 2 of the gt kits. One anivarsary, one of the red gt, and other various fox kits from revell monogram. - I own a 1985 gt :)

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I was cruising ebay a few weeks ago, and stumbled on an auction, for a Reliable Resin Mustang LX. Only it wasn't being sold as such, and the casting looked HORRIBLE. They have been popping up on a regular basis since that first one, so I decided to get one and see what they were like. So I bid on one. But I was out bid. However, the next day I got a second chance offer. Just as another one was placed on Ebay.So I waited, and I bid on the new auction even lower then the first. Big surprise I lost the second auction as well. BUT again I got a second chance offer. So I bit. Let's see just how bad one of these castings is I thought.

So here are the pics of the "repops" which this seller is casting. And whom by the way gives NO credit to the original caster for...

So anyway... Here is the body:









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Holy Cow, Jason.......that looks absolutely HORRIBLE. The level of casting integrity is pitiful on that. It looks like shaped elephant snot. If I received that I would be PISSED! Hope you didn't bid that much on it.

And I see a convertible interior tub with a package shelf added.....LAME.

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... other than the resin LX collection of assorted oddities.


I like that. :D

Disclaimer: For those following along please don't misunderstand, I knew these were bad, I was just curious to see how bad, and though others might be as well.

Anyhow for those that might be interested. I took the time to wash off the Vaseline? (serious mold release issue) and cut the resin into shape. So 4.5 hours later here is what I am left with.

The window "plugs"...


These things are about a 1/4 inch thich in some places. They are actually thicker, in the wide places, then the body should be.



The Body...

Even if you are an expert, with resin you should still think twice on this one. Everything is there, and then some. It will require many more hours of prep before this body is buildable.





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The Hood...

Left side...

Not so bad, a little thick but workable.


The right side...


On the body...


Whoo Buddy!!

The front bumper:...



I can only assume the liquid looking stuff is from the caster trying to fill a void with new resin, that was not mixed properly, or atleast didnot set up correctly.

possibly due to the caster pouring it on top of the mold release?

*Edit: adding pics back in.

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For the record this is clearly just a recast of the Reliable Resin Mustang LX.

The caster appears to be recasting Reliable resin and AF/X?? bodies? and possibly others.

i will bite my tounge on this one. :)

Actually, Kris, If I were you I'd be pretty concerned, as this guy seems to LOVE trying to "recast" other peoples product. Who knows, whom or what may be next?

I understand completely what you are doing, Jason. I just can't believe you let your hard-earned cash go to this........blob. It makes Dons actually look good!

You know what they say about a fool and his money... (LOL!)

Actually I am confident I can make it look halfway decent when the time comes.

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