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Does anyone make little pinstriping brushes for our scale?

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Hey gang,

Just wondering if anyone has found pinstriping brushes to use, I have googled, but can't find small ones anywhere. From what I have seen the 1:1 brushes seem to be really long and load up on paint well, so the user can just make a long continuous motion, I tried a little striping with a couple of my model brushes, but they don't make a long line, they run out of paint too quick.

Thanks in advance for your help.


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Swordstripers are long for a reason, not only to hold a lot of paint, they are long so they track straight.

Back in my youth I took one of my Swordstripers and made a miniature that I wore as an earring. it was about 1" long including the handle and worked quite well.

Now for a much easier solution to your quest. You want a small quill used by signpainters, there are a lot of different ones, depending on how good your brush control is and if you are doing long lines or tight curves. For long lines, you want an outliner which has longer hair, for tighter curves, a regular lettering quill will work better.

If you can't find quills anywhere, look for a brush with a round pattern and it needs to be soft, but not too droopy when loaded, a stiff bristle brush won't bend around corners as easy.

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Use the low-tech/low-budget material the native American artists use. Next time you are wanderind in the desert southwest pick up a handful of yucca leaves. Take the end of one and place it in your mouth like a tooth pick - James Dean style. The fibers will break down to where they can be stripped off individually making perfect striping brushes.

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